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Author 2022-09-27

LED High Bay Light - The New Frontier of Industrial Lighting

What is an industrial lighting fixture? Industrial lamps, as the name suggests, are lamps for industrial scenes. Typical industrial scenarios include factories, warehouses, workshops, etc., whether ...



Author 2022-09-24

The Key to Vertical Farming - LED Grow Lights

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed major issues in our complex food supply chains, such as shipping delays and under-predicted market demand, requiring local vertical and indoor farms (also known as ...



Author 2022-09-23

The "sun" in the plant factory - the inherent advantages of LED plant lights

1. LED plant lights are highly energy-efficient. After LED lamps are used in agriculture, the power consumption per square meter of planting area is 500-1000, because the use density of lamps is very ...



Author 2022-09-22

When heavy rains and floods come, what can smart light poles do?

Everyone is familiar with street lights, and we can say that there are several common street lights such as solar street lights, led street lights, smart led street lights, etc. Among them, smart led ...



Author 2022-09-20

Analysis of the characteristics of LED wall washer

In the city where we live, many people are familiar with LED wall washers. This wall washer is used in many places. It's not just about bringing light to people in the dark. Not only that, but it al...



Author 2022-09-19

How many type of park lights do you know?

Parks are public places for people's leisure and entertainment at night, and their safety and people's night travel experience are very important parts. Therefore, a good park lighting design is not o...



Author 2022-09-16

Have you selected the right LED warehouse lighting?

How to choose the best LED high bay light, LED workshop light, LED high bay light, LED industrial light, LED canopy light for warehouse, machine shop and factory lighting on the market? Industr...



Author 2022-09-15

The most complete selection guide for indoor swimming pool lights

Compared with indoor sports venues and outdoor sports venues, the biggest challenge in swimming pool lighting is how to control the LED light curtain reflection on the water surface. LED Light curta...



Author 2022-09-14

considerations for designing and installing an LED parking lot light

When entering a parking lot after dark, most people don't pay attention to the quality of the light unless the parking lot lights are defective. A well-lit space makes drivers and pedestrians feel saf...



Author 2022-09-13

How to choose LED stadium lighting? high brightness is not enough

How to meet the lighting requirements of badminton, basketball, football and other sports and large-scale events.