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Author 2024-07-06

Small Factory Tour For Finished Goods Area In Hishine

Today here has a chance for me to visit our factory, since our head office is in Shenzhen city and our factory locates in Jiangmen city.Recently, one of my client place one 600pcs UFO high bay lamps o...

Author 2024-07-06

1000Pcs 100W Solar Street Light Will Be Shipped To South America

Today in Hishine Group Limited factory we finished the package of 1000Pcs solar street lights for our South America, and we will send those solar lamps to our forwarder to handle the shipment.Solar la...

Author 2024-06-28

Client visit Hishine's Shenzhen office

This morning Ada arrived at Hishine Shenzhen office from Zhongshan. We prepared a lot of fruits to welcome the customer.The customer came here to negotiate with us about the OEM program, the customer ...

Author 2024-03-08

Hishine girls' team celebrates Women's Day

With the arrival of the annual Women's Day on 3.8.2024, the Hishine team went ahead and purchased a batch of customized bags with the Hishine Logo on them, while the company gave a half day off to all...

Author 2024-06-10

Hishine Team Attend The Canton Fair

On 2024.6.10 Hishine team visited the Canton Fair led by Manager Maggie. The Canton Fair attracts sellers and buyers from more than 30 countries around the world.During the fair, Hishine team met with...

Author 2024-06-27

Hishine Group Limited training sessions

In order to increase the sales force's familiarity with the product, Hishine conducted an in-house training session. The training focused on the difference between ZigBee system, LORA system and D...

Author 2023-04-07

Hishine March Summary Conference

Happy Life and Happy Work.delicious snacks and bonuses make a nice start of April.Top sale ChrisDiligence Award AdaBest Progress Award Icey

Author 2023-03-28

Hishine Group Limited Manufacturer Factory Daily Delivery and Shipment

4000Pcs 200W K5 led linear lights are ready and ship to United Arab Emirates.I am very happy to cooperate with MohD Sujan again, it has been half a year since our last cooperation. This time K5 has ad...

Author 2023-03-28

Hishine Group Limited LED Lighting Factory Device Machine Update, Screw Machine

Automatic screw machines are very important to the manufacturing industry, which can greatly increase the production capacity of factories and reduce the defective rate of products.Hishine Group Limit...

Author 2023-03-22

4000Pcs 200W K5 LED Linear Light are Readying to Ship to New York-hishine

4000Pcs 200W K5 LED Linear Light are Readying to Ship to New YorkFeatures:1. High luminous efficacy up to 152lm/w2. Separate heat sink for led driver and led chip3. Intelligent lighting: Zigbee wirele...