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American Case

Author 2024-04-02

(America) 126 Pcs Hi-Sun Light Up DeMontrond Auto Group Parking Lot

126 pcs 240W Hi-Sun LED lamps light up the parking lot in TexasThis LED upgrade project is one of our clients did for DeMontrond Auto Group, and the address is I45 North in Houston, Texas. this projec...

Author 2024-03-28

(Mexico) 39pcs 200W Hi-Flood As The Wall Washer to Light up A Hotel

The hotel exterior lighting project belongs to a hotel in Mexico. Through a Google search, they found the sales department of Hishine Group Limited. and asked how to increase the brightness of the wal...

Author 2024-03-28

(Puerto Rico) 6pcs 400W Hi-Flood Light up the Beach Volleyball Court

The regular size of beach tennis is 16 meters long and 8 meters wide. It is also stipulated that the thickness of the sand must be more than 40 centimeters, otherwise it is easy for players to get inj...

Author 2023-10-10

48Pcd 600W High Mast LED Lights Light Up the Frankie's Fun Park in Carolina?

Project: Light Up the Frankie's Fun ParkTime: 2023.8.21Address: Frankie's Fun Park Charleston, South CarolinaProduct Used: 600W Hi-Shoot LightFrankie's Fun Park is an entertainment hotspot that's sure...

Author 2023-03-15

Baseball Field Lighting Solution

Standard baseball field lighting solution: HISHINE Group Limited used LED Stadium Light to solve the lighting problem of American customers' baseball stadiums.

Author 2023-03-15

LED Stadium Light 600W used for stadium in Connecticut,USA

Project time: 2021.05.15 Project information: Connecticut,USA Products used: LED Stadium Light 600W     Every place will have their stadium. These stadiums are generally used for la...

Author 2023-03-15

LED Stadium Light 600W used for football field in LA,USA

Project time: 2021.05.19 Project information: LA,USA Products used: LED Stadium Light 600W     I believe you have been in contact with football more or less. Some friends have playe...

Author 2023-03-15

LED Parking Lot Light 75W used for parking lot in California,USA

Project time: 2021.04.25 Project information: California,USA Products used: LED Parking Lot Light 75W     Have you noticed that the lighting around your life is brighter? Especially...

Author 2023-03-15

LED Stadium Light 600W used for tennis court in Florida,USA

Project time: 2021.05.16 Project information: Florida,USA Products used: LED Stadium Light 600W     Speaking of sports, in fact, several sports in the past belonged to the "noble sp...

Author 2023-03-15

LED Stadium Light 600W used for football field in USA

Project time: 2021.05.17 Project information: Singapore Products used: LED Stadium Light 600W     In the world under the epidemic situation last year, everyone started epidemic prev...