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Author 2023-07-19

Why Women's World Cup 2023 Held in Eden Park?

Auckland Eden Park is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Opened in 1990, it is the largest stadium in New Zealand and a precious heritage belonging to all New Zealanders. This iconic stadium has an ill...

Author 2023-07-18

How Outdoor LED Lights Fight Thunderstorms?

Every year with the arrival of summer, there will be large and small thunderstorms and tornadoes all over the United States. This year, widespread thunderstorms have raged across Texas, Louisiana and ...

Author 2023-07-18

Congratulation Stephen Curry wins American Century Championship

STATELINE, Nev. — Stephen Curry made an 18-foot putt on the final hole for eagle on Sunday to win the American Century Championship, his first at the Celebrity Championship. First of all congratulatio...

Author 2023-07-17

How to Get A Good Watching Experience in CONCACAF Gold Cup?

The Americas Gold Cup is the Central North America and the Caribbean Gold Cup (CONCACAF Gold Cup) is an international football championship held by the Central North America and the Caribbean Football...

Author 2023-07-12

How to Light Up a Seaside City?

With the arrival of summer, the beach has become one of the travel choices for most people. And the huge flow of people has brought huge business opportunities to the coastal cities around the beach. ...

Author 2023-07-12

How to Activate the Beach Economy?

Some things I can think of about beaches are: tourism, ocean conservation, sustainable development, resorts, water sports, beach activities, seaside cities, coastal tourism, beach conservation, marine...

Author 2023-07-12

Which Kind of LED Light Suit for the Beach?

Every summer, groups of people gather on the beaches all over the world. Here they sunbathe, take pictures here and so on. Such a huge flow of people has also brought a lot of financial revenue to the...

Author 2023-07-11

What's Beach Tennis?

Recently, the popularity of the term beach tennis has been rising, and its momentum has surpassed that of the previously popular beach volleyball on a global scale.Beach tennis is similar to tennis, e...

Author 2023-07-08

What is the difference between beach tennis and regular tennis?

Beach tennis is a ball game played on the beach that combines elements of tennis and volleyball. This sport started in Italy in the 1970s and spread around the world in the early 2000s. The rules are ...

Author 2023-07-08

How to Light up Your Beach Tennis Field? Hishine Group Limited

You may have heard of beach volleyball, but what about beach tennis? Now let me lead you into the world of beach tennis!Beach tennis was founded in 2002 and joined the ITF organization in 2008. It is ...