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Author 2023-08-02

How Do I Choose the Brightest LED Light?

As people's awareness of healthy lighting increases, more and more people begin to pay attention to and purchase healthy LED lighting. But in the face of the dazzling array of LED lights on the market...

Author 2023-07-31

What Is the Main Difference Between Solar Spotlight and Solar Floodlights?

The aliases of solar spotlights are solar projection lights, and solar spotlights, etc., which are mainly used for architectural decorative lighting and commercial space lighting.The decorative compon...

Author 2023-07-31

Where Are Solar Garden Lights Suitable For?

Solar garden lights are beautiful in appearance, and directly use solar energy as the light source. The current and voltage are not large, so the light will not be too bright, not only not dazzling, b...

Author 2023-07-31

Why Are Solar Power Lights Developing So Fast?

In recent years, solar street lights, solar floodlights and other products continue to appear in our industry. And in the past few years, it has replaced many LED lights in traditional industries. So,...

Author 2023-07-26

Which is The Best Light for Your Garden?

Outdoor lighting is often one thing, planning and buying outdoor fixtures and decorating your yard is another, but when it comes to solar versus traditional garden lights, how do you know which is rig...

Author 2023-07-25

Why Do Only Half of My All in One Solar Lights Work?

All in one Solar lights are relatively common lighting tools nowadays, and are often used in residential areas, parks, urban roads, garden paths and other places. The installed solar garden lights sho...

Author 2023-07-24

Are Solar Garden Lights Durable?

Are solar garden lights durable? This needs to be distinguished according to the life of each different component. With the increasingly poor energy sources and increasing pollution in recent years, t...

Author 2023-07-24

How about the performance of solar LED outdoor lights?

In many outdoor lighting projects, there are a large number of outdoor lights using solar energy. During the day, solar panels absorb the energy in the sun and store it in the battery. At night, the L...

Author 2023-07-22

The International Football Match Lights | Hishine Lighting

As a sport widely loved by people all over the world, football has many influential sports events around the world. At present, the international football sports events in the world are as follows:The...

Author 2023-07-20

How Protect Our LED Lights from Surge?

Surge, also known as surge and surge, refers to the peak overvoltage/current exceeding the stable value instantaneously, including surge voltage and surge current, and its duration is very short, usua...