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Author 2023-08-17

Asymmetrical VS Symmetrical Illumination

The question of beam angle can be confusing when shopping for any floodlight. To clear up this confusion, you should understand the angular configurations of the different lighting types. Asymmetric a...

Author 2023-08-15

Office Lighting: The Definitive Guide

You have to invest a lot of money by purchasing the necessary supplies, furniture, etc. to make your office an efficient space. However, office environments always need help to be more productive. You...

Author 2023-08-08

List Of Top Famous LED Chip Manufacturers

LED chips are the most critical part of LED lights. Many LED lights fail due to LED chips. Below are some well-known brands of LED chips that you can consider manufacturers for your LED lights.1.https...

Author 2023-08-08

How To Import LED Lights From China?

LED lights have replaced incandescent bulbs once and for all. They are versatile, cost-effective, and last significantly longer than traditional light bulbs. Even within LEDs there are several variant...

Author 2023-08-08

High Bay Lighting VS Low Bay Lighting

Bay lights can be roughly divided into high bay lights and low bay lights.A highlight booth is defined as using a light source at a specific height above 20 feet from the ground.Nevertheless, for low ...

Author 2023-08-07

LED Lights with DLC Certification Help You Save Money.

What is the DLC in Lighting?The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) is a non-profit organization promoting high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions such as LED pros and lumens. They establish stric...

Author 2023-08-05

How to Dim The LED Street Light?

1. What is 0-10V dimming?0-10V dimming is a common and popular control method throughout the lighting industry. It was originally developed to control fluorescent lamp ballasts, hence the name "fluore...

Author 2023-08-04

What is The Lighting for A Rugby Field?

As a competitive sport with many fans, rugby's naming is closely related to the ancient historical origin. It takes its name from the English rugby school where the game was first developed on the boa...

Author 2023-08-02

what are the pros and cons of led street lights?

Pros of LED street lights:1. Energy efficiency: LED street lights are highly energy-efficient and consume significantly less energy compared to traditional street lights. This results in reduced elect...

Author 2023-08-02

How to Choose the Right Color Temperature for LED Light?

The most suitable color temperature range of LED lighting fixtures should be the color temperature range close to the natural white light of the sun is the most scientific choice; natural white light ...