LED Baseball Field light
  • LED Baseball Field light
  • LED Baseball Field light
  • LED Baseball Field light
  • LED Baseball Field light
  • LED Baseball Field light
  • LED Baseball Field light

LED Baseball Field light

Product Parameters:

  • Product Name: Hi-Shoot Series LED Baseball Field lights
  • Wattage: 600W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 170lm/w
  • Beam Angle: 20°/30°/45°/60°
  • Supply Voltage: 100-227V/347V/480V AC
  • Certification: UL, DLC, CB, SAA, IK10, IP67
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Baseball is a team ball game in which two teams with a minimum of 9 people attack and defend in a fan-shaped field. A baseball field is a venue for baseball games and is fan-shaped. Unlike most sports, the size and shape of the baseball field may be quite different. Most of the activities of the game start with the home base.

LED Baseball Field light

Baseball field lighting standards

Baseball field lighting standards 

Due to more and more professional sports night games, many baseball fields already have ballfield lights. The first-night baseball game in history was on September 2, 1880. The game was held in Boston, USA. It was provided by Northern Power Company with three 100-foot-high lighting equipment. So what are the requirements for baseball field lighting?

1.Baseball field Illumination Standard

Because the area of the baseball field is 1.6 times that of the standard football field, and the diameter of the baseball is small, the movement speed is fast, which makes it more difficult to design the baseball field lighting, and the baseball field lights cost is higher than other projects. However, for different areas of the baseball field, its illumination requirements are also different, see the table below for details.

Horizontal illumination

Vertical illuminance

Lamp performance



Average illumination

Average illumination

Midfield camera(zone 1)

Midfield camera(zone2-6)



General CRI

Luminous  flux





Evave (Fc)


























2.Illumination uniformity standard

Generally speaking, the average illuminance of the inner field is higher than the average illuminance of the outer field by about 50%. Therefore, the uniformity of the outer field illuminance is a difficult point. It is necessary to consider the difference in illuminance value between the inner field and the outer field, as well as the inner field. The illuminance value at the junction of the field and the field. It is hoped that the illuminance values of the inner field and the outer field are designed to be significantly different, and the boundary between the inner field and the outer field is designed to be the watershed of the illuminance value, thereby reducing the illuminance value of the outer field adjacent to the inner field and reducing The difference in illuminance value between the area and the arc edge area of the outer field, in order to improve the uniformity of the outer field illuminance.


3.CRI standard

The higher the color rendering index of the baseball stadium lights, the more realistic the real situation of the stadium will be displayed during the TV broadcast. Choose a light source with a higher color rendering index and corresponding color temperature, so as to achieve the basic lighting of a baseball stadium. Functional requirements to ensure that baseball players perform their normal skills during night training and games, while ensuring that the color TV broadcast clearly reflects the players' instantaneous movements and sports postures, and can capture the baseball trajectory in high-speed sports.


Why choose LED lighting baseball stadium

1.Lower maintenance costs

As the LED is calculated according to the normal lighting time per day, its life span generally exceeds 30 years. In addition, the lighting method of LED is different from the traditional lighting method. Its operation is relatively stable. Finally, LED technology is more advanced and reliable than another traditional lighting, so it is easier to maintain in the later period, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of users.




2.Better lighting performance

It is superior to the high luminous efficiency of LED lights, which makes its luminous efficiency far exceed traditional lighting methods, and its brightness is by no means inferior to traditional HID fixtures. The luminous flux of 600W baseball stadium lights produced by Chinese LED lighting manufacturer Hishine is 108000lm, It can match with 2000W HID fixtures in brightness. Although it is only 600W, it can make the baseball field the same as daytime at night.


Better lighting performance

3.Significantly reduce energy consumption

LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light. It can directly convert electricity into light. The light efficiency of LED lighting is very high. Although the power conversion rate of today's LED does not exceed 20%, its power conversion rate is still much higher than the others.


Type of light source

Quartz halogen lamp

High-pressure mercury lamp

Metal halide lamp

High Pressure Sodium Lamp

luminous efficiency(lm/w)



75-95 lm/w



The best baseball field lights

1.High lumen and low cost

High lumen and low cost 

Since the area of a baseball field is 1.6 times the area of a standard football field, and its requirements for brightness are also very high, because the diameter of the baseball is relatively small and the movement speed is fast, then the daily lighting cost will be very high. One year's lighting costs are even more impressive. Therefore, how to achieve baseball stadium lighting must have both high brightness and low energy consumption, which is the most important point for an optimal baseball stadium lighting.Our baseball stadium lighting can achieve high luminous efficiency of 170lm/w, and the luminous flux has reached an astonishing 108000lm. It not only achieves high brightness, but also saves users 60% of electricity costs.


2.Excellent thermal design to avoid light decay

 Excellent thermal design to avoid light decay

Although the LED light has high efficiency and the light emitted has no heat, it does not mean that its electric energy conversion rate is very high. In fact, its electric energy conversion efficiency does not exceed 20%, which means that the remaining more than 70% The electric energy is converted into heat energy. If there is no good heat dissipation system, the large amount of heat energy generated will affect the LED chip, which will lead to the light decay problem, which is a major reason affecting the life of the LED lamp.In order to alleviate the heat dissipation problem, our baseball field lights adopt a groove design to increase the heat dissipation area.


3.No flickering

Excellent  thermal design to avoid light decay 

The stroboscopic problem is a major problem that affects the effect of TV broadcasting, especially for some wonderful moments, the visual effect brought by stroboscopic is definitely making people complain. In addition, some LED lamps may have serious "stroboscopic" problems. Long-term exposure of the eyes to this environment can cause headaches and eye fatigue, cause photosensitive epilepsy, cause vision loss and distraction.



Some baseball fields have installed some high-power HID fixtures in order to achieve high brightness. Although the brightness is achieved, it produces glare interference and poor visual environment for players and spectators. Most of the current baseball stadium lighting has this problem, and from the perspective of the choice of lighting types, it seems that only LED lights can solve this problem well.


5.light pollution

 light pollution

With the continuous advancement of technology, the brightness of various stadium lights is getting brighter. The impact of this on the daily life of nearby residents is not easy to ignore, and it may cause conflicts in the long run. In addition, because the light diverges to the surroundings, the light that should have gathered on the site not only does not make the site brighter, but becomes light pollution, which reduces the efficiency of light use and affects the normal life of others.



6.Waterproof and corrosion-resistant

 Waterproof and corrosion-resistant

Since baseball is an outdoor sport, the lights on the baseball field are exposed to air, sunlight, and rain for a long time. This requires that the baseball field lights need to be waterproof and corrosion-resistant to ensure that they will not be damaged due to natural conditions during many years of using and causing unnecessary losses to the user.

 How much for baseball field lighting

How much for baseball field lighting

1.Lighting cost

Assuming that the baseball field lighting runs for 6 hours a day, the average hourly electricity bill is $ 0.12. Then for a 600W LED baseball field light with brightness matching 2000W HID fixtures, the electricity cost saved by a 600W LED baseball field light is: ( 2000—600 ) × 6 × $ 0.12 ÷ 1000 = $ 1.008 ,Then for a large professional baseball stadium, the number of HID fixtures required will exceed 100 at least, so the electricity bill saved in a day must reach at least $ 1.008 × 100 = $ 100.8 ,save $36,792 in a year. It's not a small sum in a year!

2.Baseball field lights cost

Hishine’s 600W baseball field lights cost only US $340 per unit. For a large baseball field, if the number of lights is 150, the total cost is the only US $54,000, but the total cost of other baseball field lighting may reach 80,000 to 150,000 US dollars.


The main points of baseball stadium lighting boil down to:

(1) The diameter of the baseball is small, the movement speed is fast, and it is difficult to capture the transient changes of the trajectory , so it needs enough horizontal illumination and a certain height range of vertical illumination.

(2) To meet the illuminance requirements of the baseball stadium's inner and outer courts, and meet the uniformity and gradient relationship.

(3) Determine the type and quantity of lamps according to the site environment.


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