Hi-Scooter Solar Street Light

New all in one solar led street lights - solar energy lighting

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Solar Panel 6V, 30W 6V, 40W 6V, 60W 6V, 80W 6V, 100W 6V, 120W
Lithium Battery 80WH,3.2V 116WH,3.2V 144WH,3.2V 192WH,3.2V 240WH,3.2V 288WH,3.2V
CCT 2700-6500K
Lumen Efficiency 180LPW
Charging Time 6-8 hours
Working Time 3 rainy days
Control Mode Time control+Microwave induction or Infrared induction
IP Rating IP65
Mounting Height 4-6 meters 5-7 meters 5-7 meters 6-8 meters 9-10 meters 10-11meters
Installing Space Between 2 Lamps 20-40 meters
Warranty 3 years
Product Size(mm) 688*353*149 837*353*149 1089*353*149
Net Weight(KG) 8 8.7 9 9.5 16 16.7


1. Integrated design of solar panel, microcomputer controller, lithium battery and high-efficiency LED light source.

2. Modular design of battery and LED chip, transportation, installation and maintenance are more economical.

3. Road Smart self-developed solar controller can adjust different working modes freely, unique-control system
with more functions, stablity is more stronger, Option of microwave inductionfunction to save power and have
longer lighting time.

4. Upgraded intelligent power control function to regulater reasonable discharge power accordingto intelligent
judgment of recent weather conditions, support longer lighting time and more rainy days.

5. 3030 lamp chips, optimized brightness, the whole lighting effeciency is greater than 180lm/w.

6. Double protection of charging and discharging by software and hardware, and intelligent equalization 
technology, cyde charging and discharging more than 2000 times.

7. Equipped with patented lens to make the irradiation area more uniform.

8. Indicator lights of battery capacity display the power of the lamp obviously, which is convenienttoobserve the
charging and discharging of the lamp.

9. The ilumination area and angle of light can be adjusted reasonably according to the width of the road.

Why Choose Hishine All-In-One Solar Light?


Packing Size of All-In-One Solar Street Light


1. Highway: Hi-Small LED solar street light provides powerful light efficacy and an independent heat dissipation system, with an intelligent control system(LoRa/DALI/ZigBee...), it can be easily managed without leaving the center room.
2. Urban Roads: A sleek and modern design that blends well with contemporary urban environments. They are also compact and lightweight, making them easy to install and maintain.
3. Outdoor Way & Parking Lot: Hi-Small LED solar street light is equipped with advanced sensors and controls that allow for remote monitoring and adjustment of lighting levels. This ensures that energy is not wasted by lighting areas that are not in use and that the lighting is optimized for maximum efficiency.

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