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The effect of LED plant fill light on plant growth and development

Author 2022-06-09 18:11:03

Green plants need light for photosynthesis. The role of light on plant growth is to promote the absorption of nutrients such as carbon dioxide and water by chlorophyll and the synthesis of carbohydrates, that is, organic matter. Without light, plants could not grow properly, which explains the saying that "everything depends on the sun".

But in the 21st century today, such a statement is not so correct, familiar with the wind and rain, drought tide, resulting in plant light is stunted, heavy grain no harvest, it can be seen that the sun is not omnivorous, different plants in different periods or according to their needs to make adjustments to external factors.

The emergence of special plant lamp of plant illumination subverted "all things grow depend on the sun" this one view, especially the emergence of LED plant lamp, it is to let plant grow can get rid of the sun thoroughly, get rid of outdoor manacle.

LED plant light is a development trend in the field of plant lighting, it can simulate the solar spectrum, at the same time, can be customized according to the requirements of plant growth plants need spectrum, spectrum is not issued, the role of plant growth without the scientists found that blue light and red light area is very close to the plant photosynthesis efficiency curve, is the best light source for plant growth, This is why plant lights are mainly red and blue.

Hishine Group found that LED plant lamps have the following characteristics through experimental studies on different plants:

(1) Different wavelengths of light have different effects on plant photosynthesis, and the wavelengths required for photosynthesis are about 400-700nm; Light at 400-500nm (blue) and 610-720nm (red) contributed the most to photosynthesis.

(2) When lighting plants with plant lamps, the general height from the leaves is about 0.5 meters, continuous irradiation 12-16 hours a day can completely replace sunlight;

(3) blue light can promote the growth of stems and leaves; Red light helps plants bloom and bear fruit and prolongs flowering;

(4) LED plant lamp red and blue LED ratio is generally between 4:1 -- 9:1 is appropriate, usually optional 4-7:1;

(5) blue (470nm) and red (630nm) LED plant lights, just can provide the light required by plants, therefore, LED plant lights, the ideal choice is to use these two color combinations. In terms of visual effect, the red and blue combination of plant lights appear pink.

Hishine Group also found through experiments that the proportional plant lighting can make strawberries and tomatoes sweeter and more nutritious, and the growing period is significantly shortened by many days.

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