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Author 2022-05-03

The important role of stadium lights in sports lighting.

For a modern stadium, we not only hope that it has a beautiful appearance and complete internal facilities, but also hope that it has a good sports lighting environment. For example, reasonable and un...



Author 2022-04-29

LED street light knowledge and introduction

What are the advantages of LED street lights, the following is a detailed introduction by the engineers of Hishine Group 1. Its own characteristics - unidirectional light, no light diffusion, to en...



Author 2022-04-28

The difference between ordinary high bay light and led high bay light

Energy-saving lamps have many advantages, such as small size, compact lamp structure, relatively high luminous efficiency, and very power saving. Compared with incandescent lamps, its lifespan is abou...



Author 2022-04-27

The role of light on plant growth, how grow lights affect plant growth?

Summary: Photosynthesis is the conversion of light energy into chemical energy, and in the process of photomorphogenesis, light is only used as a signal to excite receptors, promoting a series of reac...



Author 2022-04-26

What kind of environment are plant growth lights mainly used in?

Plants use sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and other natural substances to convert them into organic matter for their own growth needs. Light is the top priority. Planting plants according to the suit...



Author 2022-04-25

The principle and characteristics of plant growth lights

LED plant fill light is a kind of plant light, which uses light-emitting diode (LED) as the light source and replaces sunlight with light according to the law of plant growth to create a plant growth ...



Author 2022-04-23

What are the considerations for the selection of street lights?

1. Pay attention to the service life of LED street lights. The service life of LED street lights is relatively long, but affected by factors such as environment and light decay, the life of LED street...



Author 2022-04-22

What are the requirements for stadium lighting design?

For the lighting of stadiums, not only the lighting brightness needs to be uniform and stable to fully meet the visual needs of sports players and the audience's good viewing effect, but also to fully...



Author 2022-04-21

What are the important structures of LED UFO high bay lights

The main structural feature of LED circular flying saucer high bay light is compactness. Compared with the traditional mining shed, it is not only very small in size, easy to transport and install, bu...



Author 2022-04-20

Everything you don't know about LED street lights is here

1 Light application range Areas with different light sources have broader consideration indicators for light source roads, and the main considerations for extensive traffic area meetings, extensive un...