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Author 2022-05-16

Knowledge of popular science LED plant growth lights

Artificially created light sources can also allow plants to complete the photosynthesis process. Modern horticulture or plant factories combine supplementary light technology or complete artificial li...



Author 2022-05-13

The role of plant lighting LED plant lights on the growth of plant stems and lea

It is often said that LED grow lights can shorten the growth cycle of plants and allow crops to be marketed in advance. In fact, from the perspective of increasing light intensity and light time, it c...



Author 2022-05-12

Can LED lighting improve cow milk production? This is a fact!

Hishine group K1LED Linear High Bay Light poultry cow light is loading and shipping, unique aviation aluminum design, three-dimensional diamond cutting technology, and can be connected wirelessly, int...



Author 2022-05-11

What are the best LED grow lights for indoor plants?

LED plant growth lights use LEDs as luminous bodies, which can provide the required light conditions for plant photosynthesis in an environment lacking sunlight, so that plants can grow and develop no...



Author 2022-05-10

Light up your city with smart streetlights with motion sensors

Smart street light refers to the remote centralized control and management of street lights by using advanced and efficient communication technologies such as motion sensors. Smart street lights can a...



Author 2022-05-09

Will houseplants grow under normal LED lights?

Some plants will definitely adapt and thrive in indoor growing conditions, although they won't get as much light as they can when grown outdoors. Other plants struggled, however, because the natura...



Author 2022-05-07

Warehouse lighting-how to choose LED high bay lights

Why LED high bay lights are a good substitute for traditional lamps in warehouse lighting?



Author 2022-05-06

What are the advantages of high pole lights?

If some large squares are still installed with low and high pole lighting, the lighting range is limited and there are lighting blind spots. If the modern high-pole lighting high-pole light is install...



Author 2022-05-05

Cost comparison of LED high bay lamps and traditional metal halide lamps or high

Although HID lamps are widely used, their industrial lighting technology is outdated, directly or indirectly imposing lighting costs on building managers. Specifically, the use of HID lamps will resul...



Author 2022-05-04

Why choose led street lights, some key principles of good LED street lights

Hishine Group is an absolute expert in street lighting. We have a variety of solutions for you to choose from, whether it is product variety or performance selection. Optimized for global street light...