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Author 2021-12-23

What are the characteristics of solar street lights

In contemporary society, people continue to pursue the concept of environmental protection, energy saving, and green. This way, solar street lights have entered people’s lives. Nowadays, such street l...



Author 2021-12-22

What kind of lights are used for tennis court lighting?

Tennis is a ball game, usually played between two singles players or two pairs of combinations. The player hits the tennis ball on the tennis court with a tennis racket across the net. The origin and...



Author 2021-12-20

What LED street light is a good light fixture

There are a dazzling array of LED lamps on the market, so if you want to purchase LED street lamps, what kind of lamps are considered good lamps? People usually think about the wattage, the high power...



Author 2021-12-17

LED stadium light selection guide

With the improvement of living standards, the aging of the population and the normalization of the epidemic, people’s awareness of sports has gradually deepened, and the demand for “national fitness” ...



Author 2021-12-16

The development trend of LED grow light

Light is one of the basic elements of plant health and growth. But in indoor environments, especially near the Arctic, indoor plants often encounter problems that nature has not encountered: insuffici...



Author 2021-12-16

Which standards should the football field lighting follow?

Before the popularization of LED sports lighting, most stadiums used metal halide lamps. Now, in response to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, LED lamps are energy-saving ligh...



Author 2021-12-15

Advantages of LED parking lot lights

I believe everyone knows the parking lot well and can park your car to avoid traffic police fines. What we are going to discuss today is the pole lights on the parking lot. If these outdoor lights can...



Author 2021-12-14

Common problems of LED street lights

As an important lighting facility for urban development, the quality of LED street lights is the top priority of major projects. However, LED street lights market prices are varied and the quality is ...



Author 2021-12-14

How to waterproof outdoor stadium lights?

Compared with indoor lights, outdoor lights need to withstand the test of icy sun, wind, rain and thunder for a long time. In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of outdoor LEDs under harsh...



Author 2021-12-13

How much do stadium lights cost?

If you want to know the cost of stadium lights before and after the purchase, you may also need to understand this knowledge before you buy, the cost of the lights, the cost of installation, and the s...