Champion of Mozambique season 2019

Author 2020-06-05

One of our Mozambique clients ordered 40pcs 960w Hi-Robot led high mast lights from us in 2019 November for the Champion of Mozambique season 2019 in Clube de Desportos da Costa do Sol football court;

This client met us from alibaba, he said there is a football field which needs to replace old 1000w HID lamps 

I was so excited every time when seeing his inquiry and called this client immediately;I asked the clients the TA size of the football field, the quantity of the pole, the height of the pole, and the lux requirement of the field;

Then I made a dialux lighting design to the client, the average lux is 450lx and the u0 is beyond 0.5, the client was very excited to see the lighting design and appreciated our profession and effort;

He also let me to show our history cases, so I showed 3 cases to this client, one is 50pcs 960w high mast lights installed in Malaysia,one is 40pcs 960w high mast light installed in Israel;We got excellent comments from these 3 cases; This client was very excited comparing the before and after picture of these 3 cases and placed the ordered immediately after I sent the PI to him; 

Champion of Mozambique season 2019

This client reordered 12pcs 240w high mast lights for another tennis court in 2020 March,and told us there will be more projects coming in the near future;Its a beautiful destiny to meet this client and we will be glad and grateful to serve more clients like him;

Champion of Mozambique season 2019

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