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How to build and light up a beach tennis court?

Author 2024-03-22 11:54:52

the right size and place you should choose

beach tennis lighting

The Beach Tennis Court is a regulation Beach Volleyball Court.

The court shall be a rectangle, a minimum of 16m to a maximum of 20m long and a minimum of 8m to a maximum of 9m wide.

The court shall be divided across the middle by a net suspended by a cord or metal cable of 0.8cm maximum diameter, which shall pass over or be attached to two net posts. The net shall be fully extended so that it completely fills the space between the two net posts and it must be of sufficiently small mesh to ensure that a ball cannot pass through it. The height of the net shall be a minimum of 1.7m to a maximum of 1.85m at the center. A band shall cover the cord or metal cable and the top of the net.

The lines of the court shall be between 2.5cm and 5cm wide, except that the baselines may be up to 10cm wide.

Beach tennis courts should choose a flat, dry beach area free of weeds and stones. It is best to choose a beach with soft sand and no debris to ensure the safety of players and the quality of the game.

Mark the tennis court boundaries and service lines on the beach to ensure players have a clear view of the playing area. You can use colored string or marker wire spray-painted in fluorescent colors.

3 things you have to know to light up a beach tennis court

1. How many lux does the beach tennis court need to be?

For night games, lighting needs to meet the needs of players and spectators on the pitch, as well as those watching the telecast at home. This means that the brightness, contrast, and glare levels of the entire competition lighting area must be designed appropriately.

lux is a measurement of illuminance, which means the amount of light that hits the horizontal surface of a sports field. At the same time, lumen is a measurement of luminous flux which is the total amount of visible light emitted from a light source.

As far as daily entertainment is concerned, an average of about 200lx is sufficient for players to have normal entertainment on the beach tennis court. As a professional-level competition, an average of 500lx is required. As for event broadcasts, higher lighting levels are required.


2. the height of the beach tennis court.

this depends on the size of your court, If there is only one venue, usually 2-4 poles of about 3.5 meters will be enough. However, for some situations where multiple venues are together, it needs to be determined according to the situation. It is common for 2-4 beach tennis courts to be put together. This usually requires a pole of about 5-8 meters to evenly distribute the lights within the venue.

3. what kind of light is better for the beach tennis court?

Common beach tennis courts are built on the seaside, so when it comes to beach tennis court lighting, you must choose lamps with strong corrosion resistance. Otherwise, the maintenance cost of the lamp will give you a headache.

Secondly, lamps with low glare value are another better choice. Low glare means that when you look directly at the lamp, it will cause less damage to the human eye. This can better protect the player's eyes.

The light suit for beach tennis court

600W Hi-Shoot professional competition level lights

Hi-Shoot uses Lumileds 7070 LED chips, which provide high brightness and efficiency. Its patented heat dissipation design ensures that the lighting operates safely and reliably even in extreme conditions. Hi-Shoot high pole lights are also compliant with TV broadcast standards and can withstand winds up to Level 17, making them the first choice for stadium lighting. It can be used in various sports venues, training grounds, large outdoor parking lots, airports, football fields, tennis courts, squares, etc.

400W white.jpg

400W Hi-Flood high mast light

Hi-Flood can meet most outdoor situation request, Especially in coastal areas, it is widely used in beach tennis and beach volleyball courts. Each Hi-Flood small module is 200W, and the maximum can reach 2000W. Using Philips 5050 lamp beads, it brings 150W/W light effect. At the same time, Hi-Flood has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of sea wind. Compared with beach tennis courts, 400W Hi-Flood can bring good lighting effects.

320W Hi-Robot professional competition lights

Hisense Hi-Robot (HS-HM-A) LED high pole light is specially designed for high installation applications, such as Olympic stadiums, sports venues and some outdoor open spaces. Modular design, maximum power up to 2600W, multiple optical options to meet various installation methods and different locations. 160lm/w high pole light illuminates your movement and work area like a robot.


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