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These kinds of wrong solar street light installation methods we want to avoid

Author 2023-04-19 20:03:50

Solar street lights rely entirely on solar panels to generate electricity to maintain their lighting. Some grass-roots construction workers do not understand the relevant knowledge of solar street lights, and there is random installation, which causes the solar panels to be unable to charge or charge very little, so the street lights cannot be turned on or turned on. The glow time is short. Today, led solar street light manufacturers have summed up several wrong installation methods of solar street lights. Hope everyone can avoid similar problems.

led bifacial solar street light

1. There are too many obstacles in the installation site, which reduces the charging efficiency of solar panels.

For example, leaves, buildings and other obstacles can block light and affect the absorption and utilization of light energy.

2. There is a light source as a reference next to the solar panel, which causes the charging voltage of the solar panel to be above the photocontrol voltage point, and the light cannot be turned on.

For example: there are other street lights next to the solar street light, and when the night falls, the street light next to it is turned on, causing the solar panel of the solar street light to detect the light source and mistakenly think it is daytime, then the controller will control it not to turn on the light.

3. The solar panels are installed under wires, tree branches, light poles or other shelters, resulting in a shadow on the solar panels during the day.

Because solar panels generally have multiple strings of cells, if there is a shadow on a certain string of cells in the solar panel, and the shadow is relatively deep, if it is serious, this string is equivalent to an open circuit, and if the solar panel is multiple If it is connected in parallel, this solar panel will not generate electricity.

led solar flood lights

4. The lights are installed on both sides, and the solar panels are tilted face to face.

For the sake of aesthetics, the installer may install the solar panels face-to-face in a tilted and symmetrical manner, but if the orientation of one side is correct, then the other side must be wrong. On the wrong side, since the light cannot reach the solar panel directly, the charging efficiency will be reduced.

5. There is a problem with the angle adjustment of the solar panel, which leads to low charging efficiency of the solar panel.

The correct angle adjustment of the solar panel needs to follow a simple principle: let the sunlight shine directly on the solar panel, so that the charging efficiency is the greatest.

In different places, the angle of inclination of the solar panel can refer to the local latitude. What is the latitude, the angle of the solar panel will be tilted horizontally. Therefore, for different latitudes and different road surfaces, the adjustable angle of the solar panel is quite critical.

6. The solar panel is charged indoors;

Some customers will install solar lights in the parking shed to facilitate night parking, but at the same time install the solar panels in the shed, so the charging effect will be greatly reduced. In this case, we can use outdoor charging, indoor discharge, solar panels and lights Install separately.

solar lights for industry area

7. Extend the connection line of the solar panel at will;

In some locations, because the installation of solar panels interferes too much, the solar panels and lights are simply separated by a long distance, and some customers are separated by a distance of more than 10 meters or even longer, and then they buy two-core wires on the market to connect them. That's it. Because the quality of the general wires on the market is not very good, and the distance between the wires is very long, the wire loss is very large, so the charging efficiency will be greatly reduced, which will affect the lighting time.

8. The on-site personnel will not use the engineering remote control correctly, and the wrong parameter setting will cause the light to not turn on.

According to many on-site reports, some construction workers reported that they did not know the function and usage of this remote control. In fact, at this time, the parameter settings may not be correct, resulting in abnormal lighting. And the remote control of the intelligent lighting source is used to design six humanized working modes, which are simple and convenient, one-button switching, no need to worry about parameter setting errors, which mode needs to be switched to which mode.

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