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What Are The Lighting Arrangements For Football Fields?

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Rugby field lighting - the past and present of Chinese rugby

The four major professional sports leagues in North America are composed of the NFL (American Football League), MLB (Major League Baseball), NBA (American Professional Basketball League) and NHL (National Hockey League). Except for basketball, rugby, baseball, and ice hockey are not very popular in our country. But with the introduction of the concept of national fitness and the impact of foreign culture on us, these three sports are coming into our lives and are loved and sought after by young people!

As the first of the four major professional sports leagues in North America, Major League Rugby has received the most attention and has the largest number of people participating in this sport. How to play rugby well requires a lot of hard work!

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Rugby Stadium Lighting – An Introduction to Hybrid Lighting

For rugby practice, a professional rugby field is indispensable, and rugby field lighting is an important foundation for rugby competition, and it is of great significance to rugby competition. Next, the editor will popularize the king of rugby field lighting - hybrid lighting, and provide friends with different rugby field lighting from all directions and angles!

The mixed layout of rugby field lighting is a lighting method that organically combines the four corners and two side layouts (including multi-pole layout and light strip layout). It is a comparative solution to lighting technology and lighting effects for large comprehensive rugby fields in the world today. A good lighting pattern.


Rugby Stadium Lighting – Hybrid Lighting Concept

The multi-pole arrangement of rugby field lighting is a mode of lighting arrangement on both sides of the rugby field. The lighting arrangement on both sides of the rugby field is a combination of lamps and light poles or building horse paths, and is arranged on both sides of the competition venue in a clustered concentrated or continuous light strip mode. As the name suggests, the multi-pole lighting arrangement of the rugby field is to configure multiple sets of light poles on both sides of the field. Its outstanding advantages are that it consumes less electricity and has a better ratio between vertical illumination and horizontal illumination. Because the light pole is low, this type of lighting arrangement also has the advantages of less investment and easy maintenance.

The lighting strip arrangement of the football field is another mode of arrangement on both sides, that is, the lamps are arranged in rows on both sides of the field to form a sports lighting system with continuous light strips. The light strip lighting is evenly illuminated, and the brightness between the athletes and the rugby field is relatively good. It is now recognized in the world that this lighting method can meet the requirements of color TV broadcasts, high-definition TV broadcasts and even ultra-high-definition TV broadcasts.

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Rugby Stadium Lighting – Advantages of Hybrid Lighting

The mixed layout of rugby field lighting has the advantages of two types of lighting, which enhances the sense of entity and makes the vertical illumination and uniformity in four directions more reasonable, but the glare level increases. At this time, the four corners are often not configured independently, but are unified with the building structure, so the cost is less.

The floodlights used in the four corners of the rugby field are mostly narrow beams to solve the problem of long-range light projection; the light strips are mostly medium beams and narrow beams to complete the far, middle and near projections. Because it is a mixed arrangement, the projection angle and azimuth arrangement of the four corners can be appropriately flexibly handled, the length of the light strip arrangement can also be appropriately shortened, and the height of the light strip can also be appropriately reduced.


Rugby Stadium Lighting – Hybrid Lighting Fixture Selection

The selection of lamps is also crucial for rugby matches. A few years ago, rugby field lighting was generally metal halide lamps. However, problems continued during the application process, which caused considerable trouble in the lighting of rugby fields! Frequent lamp quality problems such as glare, spilled light, and lamp heating have seriously affected the progress of professional rugby matches.

After that, the stadium upgraded the football field lighting, replacing the metal halide lamps with more advanced LED sports lighting. In the field of rugby field lighting, China Beidou Star occupies a unique position. Hishine Group Limited is the first sports lighting company in China to provide large-scale foreign international sports events.


Hishine Group Limited's lighting fixtures are a new generation of green lighting systems that minimize light pollution in the surrounding environment, effectively avoid overflow light and glare, minimize light irradiation outside the venue, protect the beautiful night sky, and provide athletes and spectators with Provide rugby field lighting to create a more comfortable competitive and viewing environment.

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