LED high mast apron light
  • LED high mast apron light
  • LED high mast apron light
  • LED high mast apron light
  • LED high mast apron light
  • LED high mast apron light

LED high mast apron light

Product Parameters:

  • Product Name: Hi-Shoot LED high mast apron light
  • Wattage: 600W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 170lm/w
  • Beam Angle: 20°/30°/45°/60°
  • Supply Voltage: 100-227V/347V/480V AC
  • Certification: UL, DLC, CB, SAA, IK10, IP67
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With the advancement of technology, the LED market for commercial airport lighting has grown rapidly. Airport operators are also constantly looking for solutions that can reduce operating costs and improve passenger experience. Based on the current LED lamps are obviously the best to meet the requirements of energy-saving lighting. So as to obtain the competitive advantage of LED airport lighting.

LED high mast apron light 


Airport lighting can be divided into three main areas: high-mast outdoor lighting for large-area lighting for aprons, roads and parking lots; ground lighting for runways, taxiways and approach paths; and indoor lighting.

Airport lighting overview


Due to the advancement of commercial aviation technology, more reliability and safety are required. Data shows that the number of airports where High Mast LED Apron Light replaces metal halide lamps is increasing. Using LED High Mast Apron Light can reduce your electricity bills and maintenance costs because it has super high light efficiency, low energy consumption, and longer service life. Support remote intelligent control system.


LED airport lighting has been unanimously recognized by many governments. Using LED lighting is the most reliable, energy-saving, and pollution-free light source. After purchasing HISHINE's high-efficiency High Mast LED Apron Light to replace the traditional metal halide lamp, it can save 300,000 US dollars in electricity bills every year, and it eliminates manual maintenance work and saves labor costs.

Airport lighting overview

Airfield high mast Apron light purchase

Airfield high mast Apron light purchase 

Before buying LED high mast apron light, we have to pay attention to things: usually airport lighting is one of the most challenging projects to win the bid. First of all, we will obtain the relevant apron size and the brightness requirements of airport lighting. Usually the light pole is fixed and it is extremely unlikely to be relocated. Therefore, we will accurately determine the best arrangement of high-mast airport floodlights through different LED light power and beam angles to ensure uniformity of lighting. Next we have to evaluate LED manufacturers. Because there are many low-quality manufacturers that sell you low-quality airport floodlights at very low prices. Due to the poor quality, you can receive the price of all "very attractive" airport lights because of the extremely short lifespan. When using LED lighting at the airport, we should consider the reliability and safety. Guarantee quality, including brightness, uniformity, anti-glare, service life, heat dissipation and waterproof while considering high-quality LED manufacturers.


Our LED Apron Light advantages are:


1.High brightness

The apron area is used to park the aircraft for loading and unloading cargo, luggage and passengers on and off the aircraft. The airport lighting requires relatively high brightness in order to perform important operations such as refueling or safety inspections.

The bright white light can help the staff easily move goods and food, refuel, and read information accurately. At the same time, this kind of light also allows passengers waiting at the boarding gate to see that the safety regulations are strictly followed, and feel at ease.

2.Energy saving

The airport occupies a relatively large area, and the number of lights required is relatively large, so the amount of electricity consumed by the airport every year is huge. So when choosing an airport high-pole floodlight, it is necessary to consider whether it is energy-saving.The luminous efficiency of our airport floodlight reached 170lm/w , it can save 42% of electricity costs in terms of energy consumption.

3.Glare limit

Glare not only directly affects people's vision, but after the glare disappears, people's vision needs a short process to recover. Under conditions that require rapid judgment in traffic, this recovery period is often very dangerous. With the development of civil aviation in my country, airports have been built in various places, and airplanes have become an important means of transportation for people. Therefore, in order to ensure the frequent entry and exit of airplanes while ensuring that airplanes can run in an orderly and safe manner at night and under low visibility conditions, the apron works District floodlighting plays an important role.

4.Easy to maintain

The maintenance of airport lighting has always been a problem, because the stable operation of airport lighting is related to the big problem of whether the aircraft can land safely, so the convenience of later maintenance is very important. In addition, the amount of airport lighting fixtures is large, and the maintenance workload is large. If the later maintenance is not convenient, the maintenance workload will be very huge.

5.long lifespan and warranty

Nowadays, the airport is no longer a traditional airport. It is a rapid transit station for urban people. Moreover, the area of the airport is getting larger and larger, which means that the number of lamps it needs is very large. If the lifespan and warranty period of the airport lighting fixtures are not long, the cost of the entire airport lighting will increase greatly.At present, the service life of our airport lighting can be as long as 30 years, and the warranty period has reached an impressive 7 years, so there is no need to worry about quality issues and after-sales service when buying our airport lighting

(Access more LED High Mast Apron Light parameters)

LED High Mast Apron Light parameters 



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