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Will LED street lights replace traditional street lights?

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LED Street Light


Since the beginning of human activities on this planet, we humans have been inventing and replacing corresponding objects. You can try to think about the furniture in your home when you were a child, and then look at the furniture in your home now, is it right? It can be seen that, in fact, we humans have been developing continuously. By 2021, many technologies are relatively mature, such as street lamps that are closely related in our lives. Now many people are discussing whether LED street lamps will replace traditional street lamps. ? Regarding this issue, we want to understand why LED street lights were developed.


Causes of LED street lights

Road lighting has always been an important part of urban lighting, but the high pressure sodium lamp that has been used as road lighting for a long time has caused a very large energy waste due to its large light loss. Therefore, in the case of global promotion of green environmental protection, everyone is developing Green and clean energy, so they need to find a better replacement for urban road lighting, and LED street lights are born in response to the situation. What are the characteristics of LED street lights that can completely replace traditional street lights?


Comparison of LED street lights and traditional street lights


1.Service life

LED street lamp is a kind of semiconductor diode, its light source theoretical life is very long, without considering the unexpected situation, the life of LED street lamp can reach more than 50,000 hours, while the life of metal halide lamp is 6000-12000 Hours, the lifespan of the high pressure sodium lamp is 20,000 hours.


2. Color rendering index

The color temperature of LED street lights is between 3500-7000K, and the color rendering index is between 80-93. The color temperature of the high-pressure sodium lamp is between 2000-2500K, and the display index is between 20-30. From this data, we can know that the high-pressure sodium lamp has a low color rendering index, poor color rendering, and poor color reproduction of the object itself, which is not conducive to judging the depth of the surrounding environment; LED light source has a high color rendering index and good color rendering. It can restore the actual color of the object very well, but the white light is colder. Look at the high pressure sodium lamp, which is closer to natural light. At this stage, the luminous efficiency of LED street lamps is slightly better than that of sodium lamps, but with the development and maturity of LED technology, the luminous efficiency of LED lamps will be greatly improved.


3. Dimming function

LED street lights have a perfect dimming function. The light output of LED lamps is proportional to the working current, so it can be dimmed by reducing the current. In addition, since the frequent switching of the LED lamp does not cause much damage to it, the LED lamp can also be dimmed by pulse width adjustment. By adjusting the duty cycle of the voltage and the operating frequency, the luminous intensity of the LED lamp can be effectively adjusted.


LED street lights are slowly spreading


4. Light utilization

The LED light source has the smallest luminous flux loss. Unlike traditional light sources, the LED light is a light source that emits light in a half-space. The high-pressure sodium lamp is a light source that emits light in a whole space. It needs to change the direction of the emitted light from one half of the space to reflect the reflector in the other half of the space. At the same time, it will inevitably absorb light and block the light source itself. When using LED lamps as light sources, there will be no loss in this regard, and the light utilization ratio is higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps.


5. Comparison of energy saving and environmental protection

LED lights are highly energy-efficient and ultra-low power consumption. The energy consumption of white LEDs is only 1/10 of that of incandescent lamps and 1/4 of that of energy-saving lamps. And the light source of the LED lamp does not contain harmful metal mercury. The high-pressure sodium lamp light source contains metallic mercury, metallic sodium (pass It turns into mercury vapor and sodium vapor after electricity), has a short lifespan (compared to LEDs), and subsequent waste disposal will cause great environmental pollution. The LED lamp has good shock resistance and convenient transportation. The solid-state package belongs to the type of cold light source. So it is very convenient for transportation and installation.


LED street lights are slowly spreading

Because of the advantages of led street light, many countries have already begun to popularize led street light, and the most enthusiastic region is the Asia-Pacific region. Asian countries such as China advocate and encourage the use of led street light on roads and highways. As the main lighting equipment.

At present, the global penetration rate of led street light has reached 65%, and 10 years ago, this value was only 15%. The areas with the highest penetration rate are Japan and Canada, reaching a penetration rate of 45%, while the penetration rate in South America The lowest rate, only 1%, and these are related to regional economic development. Countries with good urban construction and economic development will first popularize led street light, because they pay more attention to the environment, and we will see in the future More countries and regions popularize the use of led street light.


LED street lights are slowly spreading


LED Street Light recommendation

In such a large led street light demand market, there are led street lights manufactured by different regions and companies, how do we judge a led street light? Here is a recommended led street light for everyone, how I will answer, Why would recommend this street light.


HISHINE Hi-Slim LED Street Light

This led street light has a lumen of up to 155lm/w, and is better in terms of energy saving. In addition to its own good heat dissipation, it can also be used with solar power, which can be used in the day with sufficient light. For storage of electricity, up to about 70% of energy consumption can be reduced. Moreover, this street lamp has passed UL, DLC, CB, CE, SAA, SASO, IP67, IK08 and other certifications, and can maintain stable operation in weather with high temperatures up to 50°C and low temperatures to minus 40°C, providing urban roads Stable lighting. And HISHINE provides up to 7 years of warranty service for this product, providing high-quality and guaranteed lighting solutions.

HISHINE Hi-Slim LED Street Light

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