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Why are LED lights getting dimmer?

0 Author 2022-10-17 19:02:05

After both incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, LED lamps have become the dominant player in the lighting market, and their status is unbreakable. Home, office, business photos, all kinds of downlights and art lights are inseparable from the support of LED technology.

We have also mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of LED many times, and how to clean and maintain LED lamps. Recently, we found that some netizens asked: Why do the LED lights at home become dim when they are used, and what should I do if the LED lights become dim?

Here, we will answer these questions.

It is actually a very common phenomenon that LED lights are dimmed when they are used, especially for LED lights produced by some unknown manufacturers.

From the composition of the LED, it is possible to interpret the reason for its dimming from three aspects: lamp beads/patches, drivers, and light decay. Whether it is an LED light source or a finished LED lamp, it needs to be composed of lamp beads/patches + drivers.

1. Driver - drive power supply

One of the functions of the driver is to provide constant current and provide a stable power supply environment for the LED lamp bead, so it is also called an LED constant current drive power supply.

Because LED is a relatively sensitive low-voltage semiconductor device, a qualified driving power supply should comprehensively consider factors such as conversion rate, constant current accuracy, service life, and electromagnetic compatibility.

Therefore, if the driver fails, it may lead to current and voltage instability, and eventually lead to the dimness, instability, and even damage of the LED lamp beads.

Because in theory, only the technical parameters of the driver match the lamp bead board, the lamp bead can emit light continuously and stably.

Solution: direct replacement, maintenance is more difficult, and non-technical personnel cannot repair.

2. LED lamp beads burnt

LED lamp beads are an important part of LED lamps and the main body of light. When one or some of the lamp beads are burned out, the brightness of the entire LED lamp will be weakened, which is what netizens call dim. Moreover, since the LED lamp beads are first connected in series and in parallel, once one of the lamp beads burns out, the entire LED lamp may not light up.

Solution: Find the burned lamp bead (generally, there are obvious black spots on the burned lamp bead), and connect it with a thin wire behind it, so that other lamp beads can be connected in series normally. Or directly replace the burned lamp beads.

It is worth noting that if the lamp bead is occasionally burned, just replace it, don't worry too much. If it burns in a short time and frequently, it should be considered as the problem of the driving power supply. As mentioned earlier, the driving power supply provides a good working environment for the lamp beads.


3. The light decay of the LED itself

As the name implies, light decay refers to the fact that the brightness of luminous bodies (such as various lamps and light sources) decreases over time, especially the commonly used incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, which may not light up when used.

The same is true for LED lights. The light decay also exists, but it is not so obvious, and it is even difficult for the human eye to see it. Of course, this is also an important indicator of LED energy saving and environmental protection. And inferior LED lights, not only the luminous effect is unstable, but also the time of light decay is shorter and the degree is stronger.

So, what kind of light attenuation is normal?

Generally, the industry believes that 5% of the light decay of LED lights within one year is considered a normal range; within three years, the light decay level is about 15%, which is also normal. There are slight differences between different brands and different grades of LED lights.

However, when the light decay of LED lights exceeds 30%, we do not recommend using them anymore. Otherwise, a good lighting effect will not be achieved, and secondly, electricity will be wasted.

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