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The Guide to Tennis Court LED Lighting

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The Guide to Tennis Court LED Lighting

Nowadays, there are many kinds of sports for option, and every sport has a unique requirement in led lighting. That is the reason why there is a various range of lighting options can be available. Tennis is one of the most common and popular sports. If the lights are not installed correctly, it may result in a poor gaming experience and excessive electricity bills. This is why you need to invest in high-quality and correct tennis court lighting. In order to get a perfect led lighting solution, you should fully understand the knowledge of tennis court lighting.

 What's Tennis court led light?

Tennis is usually divided into singles and doubles and is a traditional sport in European and American countries. Tennis sports have higher requirements for strength and speed. Professional athletes can hit the ball at a speed of more than 200km/h. When the tennis ball is small and fast, it is more difficult to judge the impact of the tennis ball. Especially when playing at night, the lighting effect is not good and the impact is even worse. Therefore, tennis court led lights plays a very important role in tennis sports. 

Tennis court led lights is a light that providing the good lighting level and distributing light of the whole tennis court. Tennis court lighting can improve the experience of fans and athletes and provide better safety. No matter how fast or where it is, the ball can be clearly visible.

 The Standard of Tennis court led light

For tennis court, its size has the standard according to the user. The size standards for tennis courts are set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Usually, the court for a single game is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide, and the court for a double game is 78 feet long and 36 feet wide. When installing, it is recommended that the height of the pole is not less than 8m. For official competitions, the height of the pole must be at least 12m. (For more tennis lighting standards)

The Standard of Tennis court led light

For the tennis court, different users will need different lighting illuminance. The competition can be divided into three levels: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3.

Class 1: National & International

For national and international competition, its requirement of led lighting is very high, and its illumination not less than 750lux. If need to use TV delayed broadcast, the illumination should be not less than 1000lux.

Class 2: Professional & League competition

For professional and league competition, the illumination should be about 500lux. If have higher requirement, the illumination can be 750lux.

Class 3: Training & Entertainment competition

For usual training activities, 200lux can meet people's requirements for brightness. For general entertainment, the illumination should be around 300lux.

Hishine can provide the wide range of tennis court led lighting with your court. Regardless of the illumination required by the court, you can find the perfect lighting for the tennis court.

 Tennis court lighting requirements

Before the lighting solution of a tennis court is starting to design, you should focus on these requirements of LED lights. The requirements of LED lights are as below:


A good tennis court lighting arrangement is like the air, its existence is almost hard to forget. On the contrary, when the lighting of the venue is not so professional, it will become like haze, which makes people very disgusting and dizzy. 

Compared with HID Lamp and Halogen lamps, LED is a cold light source with good light quality and low temperature. You can't feel any heat when you put your hand on the lamp cap, and its color temperature can be changed with your need. Therefore, LED will be best option for closing to sunshine light.

 2.The efficacy

For tennis court led lighting, another requirement is its efficacy, and it is the most points for tennis court lights. The led lights will be used in the most time of a day, so the cost in energy bills will be so much. This is where LED lights are popular: they are known for energy saving.

The Guide to Tennis Court LED Lighting

Luminous efficacy is used usually for calculating the efficacy of LED lighting. Lm/w is the unit to measure the efficacy, and lm is for lumen. The most important point is: the lumen is higher, the brightness will be higher.

LED light has 120 to 160 lm/w, HID lamp has 75 to 100 lm/w, HPS lamp has 90 to 100 lm/w and halogen lamp only has 10 to 20 lm/w. In other words, LED light can produce 160 lumens under 1 wattage of input consumption. Therefore, LED Light have higher efficacy than any other lighting solution.

 3.Life span

The requirement of tennis court lights you should pay more attention to is the life span of the light. Tennis courts are often open until late at night, so the lights must have a long life span. If the lamp life is short, it will cause frequent lamp replacement. This not only increases maintenance and replacement costs, but also increases operating costs. The labor cost in foreign countries is very high, and the installation cost of outdoor lighting is also very high. 

In all lighting solutions, the life span of LED light is the longest, and it can achieve 100,000 hours. Thus LED light is the best choice for tennis court.

 Buy tennis court lights need to pay attention to details?

 1.Wind load resistance level

The installation height of tennis court lighting is often very high, thus the requirements in air circulation and wind resistance must be very stronger than other LED lights. Hishine High mast light has the ability to resist 12 level wind due to its hollow design. Its shape is similar to that of a windmill, because its design concept is derived from a windmill. Such a shape is very conducive to the flow of wind, as the wind passes through the lamps and also takes away some heat. So that design  improves the heat dissipation of the lamps and enhances the ability to wind load resistance.


The tennis court led lighting is installed not less than 10m high usually. If the installation location is very far away from the lighting field, the installation height will be higher. This installation environment is completely unobstructed, and no accessories can be added later to improve its protection. Using IP67 waterproof high mast light for your tennis court, this will not be a problem that difficult to solve.

The Guide to Tennis Court LED Lighting

 3.Easy to install

For high mast light, it will provide the U-bracket with your installation. Its installation is very easy and you can change its angle easily by turning up and down the led lights. As we all know, the Labor costs abroad are very expensive. Easy installation can help you save lots of costs in labor and is helpful for your later maintenance.

The Guide to Tennis Court LED Lighting

 4.Modular design

Every LED light has its unique design and that design will solve a important problem for older led lighting. Difficulty in maintenance has always been an important factor affecting the development of lamps. The standardization of lamp manufacturing, the compatibility of components and the interchangeability of maintenance have become the only way for LED development. Modular design of high mast light can achieve the same size of each lamp, which provides favorable conditions for mass production. The selectivity of the wattage has also been enriched, the wattage is from 240W to 1300W, and the maximum can be 2600W.

 5. Anti-glare function

One of the most important functions of LED lights is the anti-glare function. Glare is strong light that can cause irritation or discomfort. The LED lucky light has an anti-glare lens, which can reduce glare and make it easier to see.

 6. Cooling system

Indoor and outdoor tennis court lights are more important for heat dissipation. A good heat dissipation structure system can increase the service life of the lamp.

 7. High light uniformity

In order to illuminate the tennis court, the uniformity of the highlights is essential. This shows the ratio between the minimum lux and the maximum lux. Generally, a light uniformity of 0.6 to 0.7 is sufficient.


People often make mistakes that shouldn't be made: few people pay attention to the warranty of LED lights. It is recommended to understand the warranty provided by the manufacturer before purchasing. The warranty period sometimes reflects the quality of the product to a certain extent. Hishine high mast led lights offers 7 years warranty for you, and we will solve for you at once if have the problem. We are at your service 24 hours a day and you can contact us at anytime.

 How much will you need to install led light on a Tennis court?

After reading the following information, you will know LED lighting is energy saving and high effective light. For better to understand the cost of tennis court led lights, we use a simple example to show that.

If we use 26,000W high mast light for lighting a tennis court, you should need a 52,000W HID lamps for lighting that space. For the tennis court, the lights should be turned on for 8 hours a day and the energy bill is $0.12. Thus the total energy bills of LED lights will be 26000 x 0.12/1000= $3.12 per day, and a whole month will need around $94. For HID lamps, the total energy bills will be 52000 x 0.12/1000= $6.24 per day and a month will need around $188.

In addition to the cost of electricity, the cost of tennis court lighting is also affected by factors such as the size of the pole and the illuminance of the lamps. If you want to know clearly, you can read that article about “how much will it need to build a stadium field”. In this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the cost of lighting a tennis court.


The above article is the guide to tennis court led lighting. Thanks for your reading.

If you also want to get a good LED lighting solution or replace the old lighting system, welcome to contact our sales engineer, and they will provide the best solution suitable for your tennis court.

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