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Ten Advantages of LED Sports Lights

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In the United States, there is a stadium that can hold over 100,000 people simultaneously, and it is famous as the largest stadium. Even though we have the largest stadium, the people who lived in other cities don’t go to this stadium every day, every city and every town should have a sports field or stadium. And every sports field must make good sports lights that can provide the best enjoyment for people. For high school games and college games, these stadiums are often used. Stadium lights play a very important role in sports fields. The competitions are held at dark night or on cloudy days. Without good efficient stadium lights, fans and audiences can’t see the actions of athletes clearly and athletes also can’t see what’s fans doing. Injuring chances of athletes have increased, at the same time, fans’ interest in showing up and supporting the local team has greatly diminished.

Ten Advantages of LED Sports Lights 

There are many choices when choosing the type of lights for your sports field. In the past ten years, older lighting styles have been dominant, such as HID lamps and halogen lamps. However, with the development of LED technology, the new lighting style led by LED lighting has become more and more popular, gradually changing the status of the old lighting style. The lighting solutions provided by LED lighting have given many advantages, and in some respects have also made up for the deficiencies of old lighting fixtures.


There are ten main advantages of using the stadium lights in sports field.

1. 80% electricity bills can be saved

80% electricity bills can be saved 

A good venue lighting fixture must have these standards: the actual power consumption is low, the visible light energy ratio is high, and the effective visual light efficiency is high. Under the premise of meeting the lighting requirements of the stadium, the stadium lights consume the least power. Hishine stadium lights use SMD7070 LED chip, its energy-saving ability can be 40% stronger than SMD3030 led chip. Therefore, its energy-saving ability can be 80% stronger than traditional lamps. With that high lumen efficacy led lights, a 600W led sports light can be used to replace a 1300W halogen lamps, and you can save much cost in electricity.

2.Longer lighting time

The LED light source can be driven by low-voltage direct current, and the general power supply voltage is between 100 and 277V, so the safety performance is relatively good, and it is especially suitable for public places. Compared with traditional light sources, LED light sources have lower light decay and longer lifespan. Even if they are frequently switched on and off, they will not affect the life of LED light sources. At the present, Led lighting can be used no less than 50,000 hours. With better LED materials, its lighting time can achieve up to 100,000hours.

3.Free maintenance

After finishing the installation of stadium lights, the change or replacement will be a difficult and tedious process. The lighting lamp is installing in high height, and its maintenance needs to use safety equipment, and sometimes also need to make with a bucket truck. The maintenance charge is very high. And if the change destroyed the stadium site, you may have to spend more labor and expenses to repair it. Led stadium lights have stable performance and high-quality accessories, and it doesn’t need maintenance usually. Compared with the traditional lamp, its charges in maintenance is very low. LED sports lights can be maintenance-free for more than three or five years, without any maintenance costs, and the effect and quality are more guaranteed.

4.Half of installation cost can be saved

The basic structure of the LED light source is a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material, placed on a leaded shelf, sealed with epoxy resin, and there is no glass casing in the structure. Therefore, LED sports light has higher seismic and compression resistance. That will be easy for transportation and installation. The led lighting often make with matching mounting brackets, and different brackets can be provided according to different installation occasions and positions. People can use the lesser time to finish the installation, thus the cost used in installation can be reduced easily, and often the cost can be reduced to half of the normal installation cost.

5.High heat dissipation

Compared with traditional light sources, the volume of LED lighting is smaller and the weight of LED lighting is lighter, which is convenient for the layout and design of various lamps and equipment. When stadium lights used with LED sources, their heat dissipation will be improved. The led stadium lights use high thermal conductivity materials, which reduce energy consumption and lightweight, reduce transportation costs, especially better thermal conductivity.

Different from HID Lamp and Halogen lamps, LED is a cold light source with good light quality and low temperature. You can't feel any heat when you put your hand on the lamp cap, and there is no strong radiant light from ultraviolet and infrared lamps, so the effect of heat dissipation is very significant.

6.Environmental protection, no lighting pollution

Since the LED light source does not need to add metal mercury during the production process after the LED is discarded, it will not cause mercury pollution, and almost all of its waste can be recycled, which not only saves resources but also protects the environment.

If the lighting is not all in the right position, and useless lighting is wasted in the sky and affects the neighbors.

To solve this problem, led stadium light is designed with an anti-glare measure, and can guide the lighting onto the objected areas for reducing the lighting loss. And narrow beam angle can be helpful for concentrating the lighting, and sometimes we also will use a reflector to matching anti-glare measures. At the present, using Hishine stadium lights, your stadium can be made with no lighting pollution.

7.Get the lighting control easily

Get the lighting control easily 

According to the light-emitting principle of the LED light source, the light-emitting brightness or output luminous flux of the LED basically changes with the current in the positive direction. And its working current can be large or small within the rated range, so the LED light source has good adjustability. The LED light source can realize on-demand lighting and brightness control lighting. When the programmable lighting system is used in LED stadium lights, it can be used to customize the reaction to the game. This can help inspire passion, celebrate your team, and fans will be happy.

During the day, the required brightness of the light varies at different time periods. With an LED source, you can set up a system that gradually increases the brightness as the daylight fades. This can make more reasonable use of natural light and also help to further control the energy consumption and cost of the system.

8.Support multiple intelligent functions

During the use of led stadium lights, we often need to make some controls different from traditional led lighting, but its light didn’t have the space to add them. How can we do that? Consider these needs, this lamp has reserved holes to install an intelligent controlling system when designed.

The intelligent control can be approved have Zigbee controller, dimming, color tuning, grouping, status monitoring, remote control, etc. With the intelligent system, the led light can realize training entertainment mode, amateur competition mode, professional competition model, TV relay broadcast mode, and can also be linked with other subsystems of the intelligent building. The control operation is simple, and it can be controlled on the computer and mobile terminal, which improves the management level of the gymnasium, reduces maintenance costs, and achieves a variety of lighting control effects.

9.More suitable for performance and TV broadcast

For a long time, TV broadcasting has played an important role in the factors affecting the evolution of lighting. From professional sports leagues to college competitions, LEDs enhance TV broadcasts by eliminating flicker slow-motion replay, but this problem is common in metal halide lamps. Equipped with advanced LED sports lighting, these clips can now be played without flicker at 20,000 frames per second, and fans can meticulously capture every second of the replay. For TV broadcasting, LED lights are indispensable.

When using LEDs to illuminate the playing field, because LED lighting can strike a balance between warm and cool colors, the image appears brighter and clearer on the TV. There are almost no shadows, glare, or black spots, so movement remains clear and smooth. The LED system can also be adjusted according to the venue of the game, the time of the game, and the type of game broadcast. So it can show great effects during performances and competitions.

10.Various of application areas can be used

LED stadium lights can be used in various places when using different accessories, lighting angles, and brightness. LED sports light can be used in many different places. Stadium light is mainly for a variety of sports fields such as football field, tennis court, cricket stadium, basketball field, baseball field, airport, large square, expressways, highway rest area, etc. And it also can be used for square areas, community parks, seaport,s and all kinds of places you can think of.



The sports light you used will be effected directly the lives of others. The beauty of clear LED lighting will help your community build memories, and make your stadium a collective place to enjoy celebrations and sports events.

If you think this article still cannot solve your question, please leave us a message below, and our engineering team will give you a more professional solution.

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