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In a blink of an eye, the most anticipated Christmas in 2020 is coming. Every year on Christmas Eve, the streets and alleys are filled with the atmosphere of Christmas, which makes people full of expectations and expectations.

Origins of Christmas


Christmas, also known as Christmas, Orthodox Church calls the Nativity Day, is a festival to commemorate the birth of Jesus, usually this festival is set on December 25th each year. It is a very important holiday in the liturgical calendar of a certain church. Some denominations will prepare it through the advent period and Christmas Eve, and continue the celebration with the eight-day celebration and the liturgical festival.


Origins of Christmas


Christmas is also a public holiday in many countries and regions, especially Western countries and other regions where a certain church culture is the mainstream; in occasions outside the church, Christmas has gradually transformed into a folk traditional festival, and often close to the date. The Gregorian New Year is collectively called "Christmas and New Year Season".


There is no specific record of the birth date of Jesus in the Bible, and the time of Christmas is determined by later generations. On the page of December 25, 354 AD, it was recorded: "Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judah." Therefore, people gradually believed that December 25 was the time of Jesus' birth.


What does Christmas mean

It is said that Mary, the mother of Jesus, became pregnant by the Holy Spirit. God had sent messengers in a dream to tell Joseph to marry the unmarried and pregnant Mary, and named the child "Jesus", which meant that he would rescue the people who were in dire straits. It has the same place as the birth of the Chinese emperor.


What does Christmas mean


When the Virgin Mary was about to give birth, the Roman government ordered all people to go to Bethlehem to declare their household registration. When Joseph and Maria arrived in Bethlehem, it was very late, and they did not find a hotel accommodation, only a stable for a temporary rest. On this night, Maria gave birth to the son Jesus in the stable. In order to commemorate the birth of Jesus, later generations set December 25 as Christmas, and Mass will be celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus.


Since December 25 is recognized as Christmas, it has become a very important holiday for all denominations. Christmas cards, Santa Claus, Christmas stockings, Christmas hats, Christmas trees, etc. gradually appeared in the public’s field of vision. Later, Christmas was gradually commercialized and politicized, and it became a global comprehensive festival, which is a commercial and entertaining festival. , Major religious festivals.


What are the activities at Christmas?


With the warm sunshine in winter, Christmas comes as promised. Christmas in 2020 is coming. The following are the Christmas activities carefully collected by HISHINE. The editor below will share with you.


What are the activities at Christmas?

1. Dress up the Christmas tree


The Christmas tree is a classic symbol of Christmas. In ancient times, Western countries had the tradition of offering sacrifices to evergreen trees, so the earliest Christmas trees were decorated with evergreen trees like pine trees. Now when Christmas is approaching every year, decorating the Christmas tree is also a thing that children like very much. The decoration will be decorated with some small things such as Olympic lanterns, gold foil and some garlands.


2. Christmas lights


Lighting up is usually a ceremony that begins on Christmas day.

Every year from mid-November, the Christmas lights all over the UK will be lit one after another. The lighting ceremony will not only light up street lights with unique Christmas designs, but also some ordinary song and dance performances, and even fireworks in some places. Performance.


In addition to the Christmas decorations on the street, the windows of major department stores will also be decorated to celebrate Christmas on this day of Christmas. If you have the opportunity to travel on this day of Christmas, it will be a very delicate and unique scene!


3. Christmas party


On Christmas Day, people will bring their families to participate in various parties, such as family style, friend style, lover style, etc. The family eats Christmas foods such as gingerbread and candies, sings and dances together. , Make a wish together and spend a good time together.

4. Christmas dinner


Christmas dinner is a traditional custom that people value most. This meal must be eaten happily. Christmas cakes, puddings, and minced meat patties are all delicious Christmas foods that people like, of course the highlight It's Christmas roast chicken, some places also eat roast goose. In addition to eating this meal, there is also a very important activity, that is, everyone gathers together. The unpleasant things before will be talked about on this day, and then everyone will celebrate the arrival of Christmas together.

What are the emergency measures


1. Those who enter the party should report in advance.

2. The event organizer shall be solely responsible for the safety of the event.

3. Before the event, make clear the precautions of the event.

4. There must be some medical staff on site to deal with accidents in time.


It is of course indispensable to send the best wishes here. HISHIEN has also prepared some very beautiful Christmas greetings for you. Collect them quickly.


Christmas night, strolling in peace.

Wearing white clothes at Christmas, you should be lovely and healthy like a

The colorful Christmas tree is a lucky pile.

Wish you a beautiful Christmas.

The auspicious snowflakes are flying and the melodious bell is floating.

The evergreen Christmas tree symbolizes your healthy body and vigorous

Christmas presents you delicious food, may you have a good stomach every

Put on the red christmas hat and live a prosperous life.

Santa Claus gives presents and laughs in the air.


The long-awaited Christmas is finally here. HISHINE Group Limited is to thank customers for their trust in us and their recognition of the quality of our products. During Dec.18th-Dec, 28th.2020, HISHINE will make these three lamps the lowest Thank you customers for the price adjustment, and present Chinese Kung Fu black tea prepared by HISHINE for you. The number is limited,

Christmas discount

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And this exclusive Chinese black tea

Thank you very much for your trust and support to me and the company, HISHINE will go all out to provide you with the best service and quality. I once again trust you and express my heartfelt thanks. May the joy of Christmas be with you in the new year.

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