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How stadium lights to reduce light pollution

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In the past, sports fields were built outside the cities, but with the rapid development of the city, many large and small cities and even residential areas have built sports fields near people's gardens. Sports have become very popular and entertaining. Every year, artificial turf courts are continuously added throughout the country, and the club also hopes to play until late at night to get more revenue. Therefore, in recent years, neighbors around large and small stadiums have complained about the problem of glare affecting their lives.


How stadium lights to reduce light pollution


Some municipalities have tried to enforce the rules that allow Stadium lighting to be turned on. Even if there are rules on the brightness level, neighbors will still be disturbed by the lights, and it is difficult to find a solution for everyone.


New LED technology invention 

HISHINE independently developed the optical design department, and we managed to invent a brand new lens that ensures that the light only touches the field of view and consumes less power.

"It used to be impossible to use energy-saving LED technology in sports fields because when installed on tall masts, LED lights cannot only illuminate the sports field. Fortunately, we have now solved this problem, so the lens not only reduces light pollution, It also reduces power consumption."

The lens is made of a piece of acrylic resin and placed in front of the LED bulb. The acrylic sheet ensures that the light is focused on the field of view. In fact, the new lens is very effective, reducing light pollution by 90% and energy consumption by 48%.


The new LED sports lights have a longer lifespan.


"LED sports lights can last for 100,000 hours on average, while the old halogen bulbs can only last about 50,000 hours. 1000-3000 hours. The service life of the lamp beads is as long as possible, which is a big advantage. Because it is difficult to use 26 The replacement of halogen bulbs on a meter-long mast is very costly in maintenance.


There is no need to replace the LED sports light, zero maintenance cost.


Tested sports lights


In order to use the lens for sports fields, it has been built into a specially designed light panel, which can be installed on the mast. The light optics department is responsible for this part of the work.


Since its research and development this year, this new lens has been tested in many football fields, and the results show that the new lens reduces light pollution by 85% and energy consumption by 40% compared to ordinary lenses. This result is very close to the test. Become the latest patent of HISHINE.


"A lot of customers are very excited about our new sports lights. They know better. Previously, the lights only covered part of the area, but now the entire area is properly illuminated. Compared with the old lighting composed of halogen bulbs, this is a significant Improvements. The light no longer disturbs the neighbors."


Since installing the new sports lights, he has not heard from his dissatisfied neighbors. In addition, he can now control the lights through the app on his phone, so he is very happy.


Through the new optical design, HISHINE not only improves the light pollution caused by the sports lights, but also improves the visibility of the stadium at night by reducing glare, and reduces the impact of lighting on the surroundings in the night environment. Improve audience experience by reducing glare. You can contact us to learn about the advantages of LED sports light. HISHINE develops the best lighting solution for your stadium.

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