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Why do LED lamps need burn-in testing?

0 Author 2022-11-04 16:20:06

Most of the LED light products that have just come out of the production line have the complete functions when they were designed and can be put into use directly, but why do we need to do the LED light aging test? The product quality theory tells us that the occurrence of product failures Most of them occur in the early and late stages. The final stage is the normal life of the product and cannot be controlled, but the initial stage can be controlled and can be controlled within the factory gate. That is to do a sufficient aging test before handing the product to the user. Kill the problem inside the factory, which is what regular manufacturers do.

1. Generally speaking, LED lights, which are new energy sources of energy-saving technology, will appear in the initial stage of being put into use - a certain degree of light decay. If our LED light products are of poor material or are not standardized in production, then The product will appear dim light, flicker, failure, intermittent lighting and other phenomena, so that the LED lamp can not be as long as the expected service life.

2. In order to prevent the quality problems of LED lamps, it is necessary to do a good job in quality control of the failure of soldering and packaging components, and conduct aging tests on LED products to ensure the reliability of electronic products. This is an essential step in the production process. In this aging process, there are temperature adaptability test, simulation voltage area (high, medium and low) test and impact destructive test, as well as online monitoring of driving power supply and product current, voltage changes and other technologies.

3. If there is no aging link, the product quality cannot be guaranteed, and there will be failures in the initial use stage at any time, which will greatly reduce the customer's trust in the manufacturer. In contrast, the product has passed the aging before going to the market, and has done a good job in inspection, which has improved the efficiency of the lamp and greatly increased the performance stability in the later period, which undoubtedly greatly increases the benefits compared to the former.

why more and more customers choose Hishine Led lights?

1.Hishine established in 2010.
2.Hishine has more than 4000 square meters Integrated production factory
3.Every Lamp before we ship to the customer, we will take more than 20 kinds of testing process
4.Our LED lights have got the UL,DLC,SAA,CE,RoHS,CB,IK10,GB certifictions

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