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China Lighting shines in Qatar World Cup!

0 Author 2022-11-24 19:59:03

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is officially kicking off, and the quadrennial global event has attracted attention from all over the world. Many "Made in China" have once again become the focus. Lighting companies from China provided various lighting solutions, products and services for the World Cup inside and outside the venue, lighting up the Hercules Cup with the light of China.

The Best Companion for Watching Live Games——University Lighting Display Solution for Stadium

Lusail Stadium is the largest competition stadium of this World Cup and also the final venue. The venue covers an area of ​​190,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 80,000 spectators.

In the venue, two large LED scoring screens with a height of more than 20 meters from the ground and over 70 square meters are particularly eye-catching. This is the high-altitude suspension specially designed for this World Cup by Shenzhen Unilumin Technology Co., Ltd., the vice-chairman unit of the China Lighting Association. The high-definition display screen set up by hoisting.

"In order to provide a better game watching experience for all fans and friends who follow the game online and offline", the Unilumin Technology project team fully considered the actual climate environment of Qatar's high temperature and strong sunshine, and faced the technical challenges from heat dissipation treatment and screen display. LED display products are customized to ensure that the audience can enjoy the passion of the game in a 360° all-round way.

The LED light display products provided by Unilumin Technology for the World Cup arena adopt customized box design, which is elegant and thin, minimizes the pressure on the stadium structure, and improves the overall heat dissipation efficiency by more than 50%. With special mask design and signal backup, it is super stable, super high brightness and super wide viewing angle, making it easy to watch from a distance.

Hishine LED lights illuminates the streets of Qatar
When night fell, 320 sets of smart street lights appeared on the 5-kilometer road around the Qatar World Cup main venue. Among them, 260 street lights were special and brighter. These LED street lights were provided by Shenzhen Hongxin Ruite Co., Ltd.


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