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Author 2022-06-21

What are the instructions for purchasing LED street lights?

Street lamps are turned on every day for a long time. If the quality is not up to standard, not only we are not satisfied, but also the management and maintenance of street lights is a no small task. ...



Author 2022-06-20

What are the problems caused by poor heat dissipation of LED street lamps?

In recent years, LED street lamps have been widely used in urban road lighting construction due to their advantages of long life, energy saving and high efficiency. However, after long-term work, if t...



Author 2022-06-16

How to design LED floodlights for stadiums to be better

The LED floodlight lighting design of the stadium is based on the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction green lighting, and the stadium lights with advanced technical performance and excelle...



Author 2022-06-14

Why does the LED plant light have no effect?

LED plant lamp is really the best artificial light source for plant lighting. But recently saw a lot of posts, some friends used LED plant lamp not only no effect, serious still give the plant accordi...



Author 2022-06-13

Compared with ordinary sodium lamp, choose LED high bar lamp advantage in what

In fact, the price of LED lamps is not as expensive as people think, in the long run, it is cheaper than other lamps, Because of its long life and low power consumption, it can be said to be an inves...



Author 2022-06-11

The development history and main functions of smart street lamp

Smart street lamp is a new public infrastructure that can provide smart lighting, smart security and other functions, replacing traditional lighting street lamp in smart city, smart community, smart r...



Author 2022-06-10

The composition of solar street light system and its advantages

Solar energy is inexhaustible, inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free and renewable green energy. Photovoltaic energy is considered to be the most important new energy in the 21st century because of its...



Author 2022-06-09

The effect of LED plant fill light on plant growth and development

Green plants need light for photosynthesis. The role of light on plant growth is to promote the absorption of nutrients such as carbon dioxide and water by chlorophyll and the synthesis of carbohydrat...



Author 2022-06-08

Learn more about the characteristics of LED street light poles and how to choose

Lamppost, also known as "street lamp post", is used to install the support carrier of street lamps. The corresponding lamppost of different lamps and lanterns is not the same. The style is more and mo...



Author 2022-06-07

The function and characteristics of full-spectrum Cannabis grow lights

Cannabis Grow Lights is a complementary light source developed to simulate the solar spectrum and used for the growth of Cannabis. The visible light in the spectrum has a reasonable ratio from 385NM b...