High Power Led Flood Light 300W,used for tennis court in GuangZhou,China

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Project time: 2021.04.20

Project information: GuangZhou,China

Products used: High Power Led Flood Light 300W


High Power Led Flood Light 300W


Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, and with the progress of the times, the sport of tennis has also spread all over the world. Today’s customers are from Guangzhou, China. Guangzhou is an international city here. , What we see is tolerance, this kind of city embraces all things outside. Tennis, as a foreign sport, is still not very popular in Guangzhou, but there are still tennis courts in some gymnasiums.

This is a relatively old gymnasium, but it has been renovated recently. While bringing renovations to the gymnasium, the customer also realized the lack of lighting in some venues in the previous gymnasium, so they contacted us HISHINE and missed us. Make a perfect solution for their tennis court lighting.

Because the lighting of the tennis court needs to be very professional, after receiving the customer's request, HISHINE sent a professional team to the site to conduct an inspection, and based on the on-site environment and customer needs, we provided customers with a perfect solution.


High Power Led Flood Light 300W,used for tennis court in GuangZhou,China


We performed simulations based on the parameters of the tennis court, and finally decided to arrange 8 masts around the tennis court, and each mast was equipped with a High Power Led Flood Light 300W. The 8 lamps were evenly arranged to ensure the lighting of the venue. Uniform, reasonable light distribution, and the average illuminance can reach more than 400lx, which can meet the needs of general competitions.


High Power Led Flood Light 300W,used for tennis court in GuangZhou,China

High Power Led Flood Light 300W,used for tennis court in GuangZhou,China

High Power Led Flood Light 300W,used for tennis court in GuangZhou,China


HISHINE can offer a complete customized product solution for you

HISHINE has 16 years of professional lighting solutions. Our products are one-stop service from independent research and development to production and shipment. We mainly solve professional small and medium-sized football field lighting, sports lighting, square lighting, parking lot lighting, warehouse lighting, etc. Engineering solutions.


Why choose HISHINE?

1. HISHINE is a professional R&D manufacturer.

2. Provide one-stop service of design, lighting and installation guidance.

3. The world's top design system, simple installation and more convenient maintenance.

5. High lumens, saving 40% of electricity bills.

6. Unique light distribution technology can effectively control glare and improve sports comfort and game viewing experience.

7. The separate control technology of the lamp and the driver increases the flexibility of the system and can effectively reduce the load on the road or light pole.

8. The advanced remote dimming function can automatically adjust the luminous flux output according to the needs to meet the lighting needs of the venue.

9. HISHINE's lighting technology surpasses the previous traditional lighting, bringing a better experience for athletes, audiences and TV broadcasts.

10. HISHINE constantly pursues high-quality products, ease of use and installation, and saves installation and maintenance costs

11. We are not only the manufacturers of lamps, but also the designers of comfortable light.

12. A 10-year constant illumination guarantee on site.


What you should know about HISHINE

The workshop with an area of up to 40,000 square meters brings one-stop production capacity: die casting department, sheet metal department, surface treatment department, SMT department, automatic assembly production line and testing equipment. All products are strictly inspected before being delivered to customers, and the quality and quality are trustworthy.

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