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what role does LED High Mast Light play in sports games?

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LED High Mast Light is a light specially designed to illuminate football fields. Usually installed at a height of more than ten meters, for professional stadiums, they can reach a height of more than twenty meters above the field. Today, they are mostly based on LED High Mast Light for high efficiency and use high-end narrow beam optics to shine light onto the ground without glare.

Watching football games requires brighter lights, less energy consumption, softer lighting, and LED High Mast Light provides the brightest lighting. It's important to note that lumens and wattage are not the same thing. In simple terms, lumens are the brightness of the light emitted. Wattage is the energy used to generate light. LED lights produce significantly more light (lumens) than conventional light sources of the same wattage.

For example, if you were to compare a 1500 watt traditional light fixture to a 500 watt LED High Mast Light, the difference in brightness produced is staggering. LED High Mast Light produces more lumens than traditional HID bulbs, saving 1000 watts each. While the initial investment in your football pitch LED High Mast Light may be slightly higher, you will save on your electricity bill due to lower energy consumption and still have the vivid and even lighting you need to watch the game.

What role does LED High Mast Light play in sports competition?

Professional LED sports lighting fixtures are tailored from different types of stadiums such as illuminance and color temperature. It is more comfortable to exercise in a venue with more uniform light, and the eyes are not irritating. The brightness is concentrated in the stadium, auditorium and auditorium. The main camera settings are different. At the same time, the number and illuminance of lights in each area are customized according to standards and competition requirements. For example, in badminton courts, in order to allow players to concentrate, the lights in the main court are concentrated, and the lights in the auditorium are turned off. Therefore, even the same venue, such as a tennis hall, has different scales, different functions, different entertainment, professional games, high-definition TV broadcasts. All sizes are designed to make the athlete more comfortable and enjoy the game.

TV HD Broadcast/Live
Television broadcasting has played a major role in the evolution of lighting upgrades. From professional sports games to amateur training, LED High Mast Light enhances broadcasts by eliminating strobe slow-motion replays. Equipped with professional LED pitch lighting for a balance of cool and warm tones. Shadows, glare or black spots can be eliminated. The picture seen on the TV is clear and can clearly capture every second of the agile movements of athletes, such as table tennis. Ball is a quick-response sport. Without professional LED pitch lighting, it's difficult for cameras to capture every action.

Create sports enthusiasm and good experience
Hishine Group LED High Mast Light adopts military heat dissipation technology to avoid glare, and both the audience in front of the TV and the audience at the scene have a feeling of being integrated into it. Excellent color rendering and color temperature, constant lighting on demand, clear visibility of sports and athletes in the stadium

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