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What are the instructions for purchasing LED street lights?

0 Author 2022-06-21 18:07:13

Street lamps are turned on every day for a long time. If the quality is not up to standard, not only we are not satisfied, but also the management and maintenance of street lights is a no small task. Therefore, the lighting rate of street lamps is one of the key indicators, so the following key links should be grasped at the beginning of street lamps procurement.

When buying LED street lamps, the first is the light attenuation test report, which is a very important link. During the bidding process, each company will provide optical attenuation test reports for different units, some of which will be provided for self-inspection by the company and some of which will be tested by third parties. Although the test results are good, the actual optical attenuation varies widely. The reason is well known. So how do we get to know the real product through insight?


Test report is a designated organization accredited by the Semiconductor Alliance. Street lamps used for road lighting are high in power and heat. Light attenuation test shows two problems: light attenuation qualified and power qualified. If a street lamp can't pass in the lab, can its quality be guaranteed on the road?


After passing the road light attenuation test, the structure is a big problem. This problem is rarely paid attention to in the industry, which is also one of the main reasons for the attenuation of the actual use time of street lamps.


As we all know, the haze area of the country is so large that it not only harms people's health, but also causes the drop of street lamps. Especially in the northern areas, there is a lot of dust and smoke. After a short time of outdoor use, the entire surface of the street lamp is covered with dust, and the cooling effect is greatly reduced. This is also one of the main culprits of LED street lamps.


In this case, the lamp must be designed to be transparent from top to bottom. The cooling area doubled because there was no street lighting department to clean the radiators in a timely manner. When used for a long time, it can only be washed with rainwater. After the area is increased, enough space is left to reduce the effective cooling area due to pollution.

LED street light attenuation has a barrel effect, but the short board does not. The decay of light has been troubling everyone for years. The problem here is that you can solve light decay by doing a good lamp radiator. No, in the past, we started talking about using low-power chip enclosures, but high-power chips can't. It is said that the chip has high power and cannot dissipate heat. This is not the case, coB packaging is more concentrated heat, heat conduction problems can be completely solved with aluminum or copper supports.


However, optical attenuation is more difficult to control because the radiator cannot solve the problem of optical attenuation of the source. There is a big misunderstanding about the packaging of the light source. The silica gel of COB light source is too thick. The thinner the silicone package is, the better, to facilitate the heat dissipation of the chip's luminous surface. This is why the optical attenuation of coB sources is not easily controlled.

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