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How to design LED floodlights for stadiums to be better

0 Author 2022-06-16 18:03:19

(I) Lighting design purposes


The stadium LED floodlights are designed for the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction green lighting. The stadium lights with advanced technical performance and excellent quality are selected. By optimizing design and scientific lighting distribution, we can achieve the best lighting effect with Z less investment in stadium lighting.

(2) Lighting quality targets of LED floodlights in the stadium


1. Color rendering index


The color rendering index of the LED floodlights in the stadium is generally greater than 70, which is extremely close to the sunlight and has pure color. It can realistically display the real color of the stadium space and object surface.


2. Glare index


Stadium LED floodlight lighting, not dazzling, not dazzling, no blinding effect. In any position and any Angle, can fly to the air of the sphere, see, see clearly, see the real, play accurately.


3. No strobe


The lighting effect is smooth and stable, without fluctuation, without stroboid harm. Ensure the ball air flight, no ghosting, flight track is true, air positioning accurate, accurate play.


4, light decline, long service life


The rated current of the chip is 60mA, but only 40mA is actually used, which can increase the life of the lamp and improve the utilization efficiency.


5, energy saving


Fully meet the stadium LED floodlight lighting requirements, to achieve the stadium electricity consumption Z small, realize the real sense of energy saving. The stadium lighting design, after optimized design and selection of stadium lighting. The power consumption of the stadium lighting is determined to be within 3 KWH per hour for the lighting consumption of the whole stadium lighting.


3. Lighting pattern of LED floodlight lamps in the stadium


When determining the lighting pattern of stadium lamps, the following two factors that can affect the lighting effect of the stadium are considered comprehensively.

1, uniform illumination 1600Lx


Avoid lighting in venues and sports areas and zebra crossing effect. That is, to achieve the lighting effect of shadowless lamp.


2, reasonable horizontal illumination and vertical illumination ratio


When the sphere flies in the air, the vertical plane of the sphere has a high brightness, and the visual image of the sphere in the air is bright and clear. In the competition, the brightness and color of the human body are good, and the lighting of the whole stadium is good.

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