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Why does the LED plant light have no effect?

0 Author 2022-06-14 18:05:05

LED plant lamp is really the best artificial light source for plant lighting. But recently saw a lot of posts, some friends used LED plant lamp not only no effect, serious still give the plant according to the dead. What's going on here? Let's see

Part of my friends because I don't know LED plant lights, part of my friends because I don't know plants, so I want to talk about the relationship between LED plant lights and other factors affecting plant growth -- the relationship between plant lighting LED plant lights and temperature.

First of all, the temperature of the plant growth environment, whether the plant growth needs temperature, take a simple example: let's enjoy the cool in summer, one side is a plastic canopy pavilion, one side is a big tree, obviously will feel a lot cooler under the tree, because the plant can absorb temperature, in other words, the plant growth needs a certain temperature environment.

Plant metabolic process is to properly in a certain temperature range, and its main effect on plant photosynthesis and the effect of plant classification according to the temperature can be divided into plants, wide-temperature plants in low temperature and high temperature plants, need to offer different plants, different temperature environment to ensure normal growth, if you want to reach peak form for the plant growth, It is necessary to provide optimum temperature control according to the different growth periods of different plants.

Use LED lamp to plant fill light is more attention should be paid to control of the temperature, because LED plant light itself also can produce heat to air, heat coming from the small power LED plant light almost can be ignored, but the high power LED plant light send out quantity of heat is to be reckoned with, if the indoor temperature has been transferred to the plants grow best temperature environment, Home plus LED plant lights emit temperature, will affect the rate of plant photosynthesis, while the rate of respiration will be enhanced, plant body unit time manufacturing and storage of organic matter will be reduced, the growth of plants will not be ideal.

The use of LED plant lamp itself should also control the temperature, if the temperature is too high and no corresponding measures are taken, it will speed up the light decay rate of plant lamp bead, not only affect the light filling effect of LED plant lamp in the later stage, but also shorten the service life of plant lamp, and the circuit and parts in the lamp will also be affected. This is why high-power LED plant lamps will take separate heat dissipation measures for each lamp.

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