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LED plant light plant growth light red and blue lamp bead ratio arrangement

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There are many questions about LED plant lights, such as how to use the plant lights, how to use the plant lights, the distance of the supplementary light, the lighting time, and the power illuminance, but the most frequently asked questions are the red plant lights. The problem of the ratio of blue lamp beads.
LED plant lights are used for plant lighting. All solutions must be customized around plants. What shape plants should grow into, and cultivated according to human needs, so when looking at the ratio of red and blue lamp beads of LED plant lights The first thing to consider is the growth needs of plants and the needs of humans.

However, from the aspect of light, whether it is the needs of plant growth or the needs of humans for plants, the control methods can be summarized as the control of light quality, the control of light intensity, and the control of light time. Plants can grow only when the light intensity reaches between the light compensation point of plant photosynthesis and the light run and point; when the light time reaches a certain length of time, plants can grow healthily. Next, let's focus on light quality.

When using LED grow lights to fill plants with light, the source of most of the light for plant photosynthesis is LED grow lights. Different light qualities of LED grow lights have different physiological meanings for plants. The plant lamp bead chips are mainly red light beads, blue light beads, and full-spectrum light beads. The main function of red light on plants is to adjust the photoperiod of plants and affect the flowering and fruiting of plants; the main function of blue light is to affect the movement of leaves and plastids. Promote the growth of stems and leaves, and inhibit the flowering and fruiting of plants to a certain extent; the main band of the full-spectrum lamp beads is also the red and blue spectrum, the principle is the same.

From the effect of red and blue light, it can be seen that when choosing the ratio of red and blue lamp beads for LED plant lights, it is necessary to determine what plants to plant and what kind of growth form to achieve. For example: lettuce planting, lettuce is a plant that takes stems and leaves for human use. Of course, the purpose is to choose a supplementary light scheme that stimulates the increase of stem and leaf quality and yield. The proportion of blue light beads in LED plant lights can be appropriately increased; another example: tomatoes Planting, our purpose is to eat large, round, healthy and green high-quality tomatoes, that is, to stimulate their flowering and fruiting during the planting process. The ratio of red and blue lamp beads of LED plant growth lights is roughly between red: blue = 6--9: 1. According to the needs and uses of different plants, different lamp bead ratios are selected. Sometimes a small amount of green lamp beads are mixed into the LED plant light, and its main function is to adjust the comfort of the light and protect the naked eye.

The above are just the most common situations. Some plants also absorb green light and reflect or transmit red light. At this time, it is necessary to supplement green light for plants as the main light quality.
Since the main function of red light is to promote the flowering and fruiting of plants, and the main function of blue light is to promote the growth of plant stems and leaves, why not directly illuminate tomatoes with pure red LED plant lights and lettuce with pure blue LED plant lights? Most plants have parts such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits, just like people have eyes, ears, nose and throat, etc. If one is missing, it is always bad, and the functions of red and blue light are mainly the above two points, but not only limited to For the above two points, the process of photosynthesis is extremely complex. Each step of the light reaction and the dark reaction has the direct participation and indirect participation of light, and each step determines the final morphogenesis of the plant.

When purchasing LED plant growth lights, the ratio of red and blue lamp beads can be obtained from suppliers. Most of the solutions provided by suppliers are widely feasible. If you have special requirements for your own planting, you can buy a small amount for testing and find the most suitable one for your own plants. The light distribution scheme is applied in a large area.


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