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LED plant lights help delay the market of vegetables and the principle of early

0 Author 2022-06-23 18:05:47

In fact, the principle of making vegetables go on the market earlier is to supplement light for vegetables by LED plant lamps, so that the growth rate of plants is faster and the growth cycle is shortened.

Specifically what can help vegetables grow quickly, let's understand the principle of LED plant lights to help vegetables go on the market early.

Light is a necessary factor for vegetable growth, which has a great influence on the growth and growth rate of vegetables. If there is not enough light, vegetables will not grow well or grow slowly. If the light is too strong, it will not only affect the growth of vegetables, but also cause a great waste of resources.

The principle of using LED plant lights to help vegetables to be marketed early mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) Use LED plant lights to increase the lighting time of plants: Generally speaking, the time for vegetable planting is only about 12 hours at most with direct sunlight, and even less when vegetables are grown in greenhouses. Using LED plant lights to fill the light on vegetables makes the time for photosynthesis of vegetables every day, that is, the time for healthy growth can reach about 16 hours. In this way, the LED plant lamp can increase the illumination time of vegetables to shorten the growth cycle of vegetables, so as to help vegetables to be on the market earlier;

(2) Use LED plant lamps to control the light intensity: Vegetable growth, as we all know, is the need to the ratio of photosynthesis and respiration than when light compensation point to grow, to increase the light intensity when the light saturation point there is no effect on vegetable growth, so the use of LED plant light fill light, keep vegetables illumination in light saturation point, the growth of vegetables will be faster, So as to help vegetables to be on the market in advance;

Therefore, the most important thing to use LED plant lights to help vegetables go on the market early is to control the light time, and then increase the light intensity according to the types of vegetables and light saturation points of different vegetables, so that vegetables can make full use of light energy to grow rapidly during photosynthesis, so as to make them go on the market early.

You've heard that LED plant lights speed up the growth of plants and bring crops to market earlier. You've had years of planting experience and you know the importance of delaying crops to market.

When the market is good, we expect crops to ripen in a day. However, there are many uncontrollable factors in the market, such as:

The market price suddenly greatly temporary price reduction, has been mature a batch of crops must be sold out, and the crops planted inside the greenhouse is also about to mature, but if the price did not pick up, it is not to sacrifice economic benefits.

Another example: the end of the year is approaching, crop prices and sales are bound to rise to a certain extent, if the fertilization before too much light, crop growth is a bit urgent, when the market is good, the quality is worse than competitors.

At this time, LED plant lights, we all know that the most important control of plant growth is to control the photosynthesis and respiration of plants, inhibit the respiration of plant lights can appropriately reduce the temperature, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, etc., the most flexible control of light is to use LED plant lights.
Through the control of LED plant lamp lamp switch, you can freely adjust the LED plant lamp issued by the effective luminous flux, combined with the characteristics of the plant, free control of plant growth!


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