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How to use LED grow lights correctly, and precautions for using LED grow lights

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How to use LED grow lights correctly after having plant growth lights

LED plant growth lights are widely used in greenhouse planting, tissue culture, flowering induction, seedling breeding and leggy prevention, etc. There are several aspects to pay attention to when using them:

For the control of the lighting distance, it is generally recommended that the distance from the top of the plant to the LED grow light be controlled between 0.5M--1M. This distance not only allows the plant to receive sufficient light, but also the LED grow light can illuminate a wider area. At the same time, the height of the LED grow light should be properly adjusted according to the speed of plant growth, so as to control the LED grow light in the most reasonable fill light position.
The control of the number of lamps, the degree of supplementary light required by plants in each growth stage is different, the light required in the germination and seedling stage is not very strong, the distance of the plant lights can be increased, the number of LED growth lights can be reduced, and the waste of electricity can be avoided; When the plants bloom and bear fruit, the required light will increase. At this time, the plants should be supplemented with LED plant growth lights according to the optimal supplementary light plan with the budget at the time of ordering. (Hisine group provides free plant lighting solutions, welcome to consult)

The control of light time, plants are also alive, and they also need to rest. It is also very important to reasonably control the time that LED grow lights supply light to plants, generally no more than 16 hours. If it exceeds too much, the plant cannot rest normally, which affects the synthesis of respiration organic matter; if the time is too short, it goes without saying that since the LED plant light has been purchased, the reasons are known.

Maintenance of LED grow lights
When using LED grow lights, you should also pay attention to the care of the lamps:
Regardless of whether the LED grow light itself has a waterproof function, and the waterproof level, try to avoid the LED grow light being exposed to water for a long time. The LED grow light is also a light. Both can be corroded by natural water, so whether it is water or steam, do not let it stay on or near the LED grow light for a long time.
The cleaning of the lamps is also very important. Too much dirt will not only affect the appearance, but also have a corrosive effect on the surface of the lamps. At the same time, the stains on the lamp bead shell of the LED growth lamp will also affect the lighting effect of the light. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the LED plants will be damaged. The lifespan of grow lights is greatly reduced.

(1) LED grow lights can only be used indoors;
(2) Do not touch the surface of the LED grow light after the power is turned on;
(3) If there is a problem with the lamps, please contact the supplier for consultation in time, do not knock or beat;
(4) The lighting environment should be controlled at 20--30℃;
(5) Take safety measures - lightning protection, waterproof, insect-proof and dust-proof;

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