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How to choose suitable LED lighting for warehouse lighting?

0 Author 2022-06-29 17:55:33

Factory lighting includes: workshop lighting, warehouse lighting, office lighting, factory lighting, equipment lighting, other lighting and so on. Today Hishine lighting will explain to you how to choose a suitable LED lighting factory warehouse lighting.

In the design of warehouse lighting, we should choose and configure LED mining lamps according to the visual requirements, the nature of warehouse operation and environmental conditions, so as to make the working area space have reasonable illumination, color rendering, appropriate brightness distribution and appropriate visual environment.

We can consider these elements first:

1, safety: should be used with dustproof, anti-corrosion lighting, to ensure the safe operation of lamps and lanterns.

2, energy saving: realize the intelligent control of lighting system, adopt warehouse dual lighting, one can be closed during the day, and two can be opened at night.

3, long life: warehouse should not frequently replace lamps, to avoid the increase of maintenance cost in the later period, choose lamps with long life and high stability.

4, shelf height: the shelf height of the middle warehouse is generally 2 meters, and the shelf of the middle warehouse is generally 8 meters.

5, the height of the warehouse: the common low-rise warehouse is 4-6 meters, the middle-level warehouse is 6-15 meters, and the special high-rise warehouse is more than 15 meters.

When determining the warehouse lighting scheme, the special requirements of different types of buildings for warehouse lighting should be considered, and the relationship between LED mining lamps and natural lighting should be well handled, the light source lamps with high luminous efficiency should be adopted, and the construction funds should be used reasonably to improve the quality of warehouse lighting.

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