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What are the functions and features of full-spectrum grow lights?

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What is a full spectrum grow light:

The full-spectrum plant light is a supplementary light source for plant growth developed by simulating the solar spectrum. The visible light in the spectrum ranges from 385NM blue light to 780NM red light in a reasonable proportion, and the light wave curve imitates the shape of the solar spectrum. The sunlight color around the point has strong color rendering, small color temperature drift, high light efficiency, and large luminous flux, which can fully meet the requirements of greenhouse plants.

The role of light compensation point:
The light compensation point is the light when the photosynthetic intensity and respiration intensity of the plant are equal;
Below the light compensation point, the respiration of plants exceeds the photosynthesis. At this time, instead of accumulating organic matter, the stored organic matter will be consumed. If the plant is below the light compensation point for a long time, the plant will gradually wither and die;
Above the light compensation point, the photosynthesis of plants exceeds respiration, and organic matter can be accumulated;
When the temperature rises, the respiration increases, and the light compensation point rises;
Therefore, when cultivating plants in a greenhouse, it is necessary to avoid excessive temperature when the light is insufficient, so as to reduce the light compensation point and facilitate the accumulation of organic matter.
The role of full spectrum grow lights:
The full-spectrum plant growth lamp is based on the law of plant growth and simulates the principle of the ratio of the solar spectrum, and developed an artificial light source with a full spectrum, with a wide radiation range, reaching more than 100LM per watt, and truly meeting the requirements of green and energy-saving lighting.
For agricultural greenhouses, as a supplemental light, the light can be enhanced at any time of the day so as to always assist the plants in photosynthesis. Especially in the winter months, the effective lighting time can be extended. Whether at dusk or at night, it can effectively extend and scientifically control the light required by plants, without being affected by any environmental changes.

Features of Full Spectrum Grow Lights:
        A full-spectrum plant growth lamp developed according to the wavelength range of sunlight required for plant growth and the required illuminance. The rational use of this light can not only reproduce and grow under conditions that are not suitable for plant growth, but also accelerate crops. It can improve the breeding and shorten the growth cycle of crops, and avoid the occurrence of diseases, insect pests and deformed fruits.

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