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Compared with ordinary sodium lamp, choose LED high bar lamp advantage in what

0 Author 2022-06-13 18:04:22

High bar lamp usually uses high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp as the main light source. There are two reasons for choosing this kind of lamp.

First, people who understand lamps know that high-pressure sodium lamp projection lamps have the characteristics of high brightness and wide Angle of view.

The second problem is the profit of the merchants. Many of the projection lamps sold in the market are fake brands, from which a great deal of profit can be obtained.
In fact, LED high-pole lamps or LED floodlights can fully meet the lighting requirements of high-pole lamps in terms of lighting brightness and irradiation area.

But there are two reasons why it is not widely used on the high pole lamp: (1) price; ② DON't understand.

LED high bar lamp price is greater than ordinary high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp in this contrast, many people will subconsciously choose high pressure sodium lamp. Due to the lack of understanding of LED products, many people did not do in-depth comparison,

However, the illumination brightness of two qualified 45 w LED high bar lamps is no less than that of 400W sodium lamps. The following is a systematic comparison of these two lamps.
Sodium lamp is composed of four parts: light source, ballast, capacitor and trigger. That is to say, no matter which part has a problem,

The bulb will not work properly, and even if the parts are in good condition, the bulb will not last more than 10,000 hours.

Unlike leds, which consist of only two parts, namely the lamp bead and the power supply, there is little chance of damage in accessories,
As we all know, the theoretical life of the LED light source is 50,000 hours, and if it doesn't reach that, it's not far off, which adds many years to its service life.

There is also the problem of power consumption, the brightness of two LED45w lamps and 400W high-pressure sodium lamp is difficult to distinguish, but there is a difference of 4 times in power.

We often see the high pole light in the square is on for more than 10 hours,
In fact, the price of LED lamps is not as expensive as people think, in the long run, it is cheaper than other lamps,

Because of its long life and low power consumption, it can be said to be an investment with long-term benefits. Therefore, it is recommended to choose LED high-pole lamp when configuring the light source on the high-pole lamp

Because many counterfeit sodium lamp projection lamp often appear problems, high bar lamp lift a very troublesome, often bad is time-consuming and laborious, when buying must be carefully chosen.

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