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Basketball court lighting arrangement and basketball court lighting selection

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The standard size of a basketball court is 28m in length and 15m in width. The buffer zone is generally 2m outside the sideline and 2m outside the bottom line. Therefore, the standard size of the stadium is 32mx19m.
However, although many people are familiar with the standard size of basketball courts, they are not deeply researched on LED court lighting.
The selection of lighting fixtures is a very important link. The power of the lamps, the illumination range, and the controllable illumination angle directly determine the number of lamps purchased, the number and installation location of the light poles, and the installation height, which in turn affects the cost of construction. Therefore, when faced with the selection of lamps, we often hesitate to move forward. Let's make an in-depth analysis on the selection of LED basketball court lamps.
At present, the advantages of LED lamps and lanterns are gradually emerging. It not only has high brightness, good color rendering, long life and soft light, but also has the advantages of more comfortable application in sports lighting and flexible system. It can push the atmosphere of the event to a new height and is deeply loved by major stadiums.
Before choosing stadium lamps, we must first understand that all stadiums have clear lighting classification requirements, that is to say, different use requirements should be matched with different levels of ball lamps, which cannot be generalized.

There are three main ways of lighting layout, gypsophila, madao lighting (or lighting on both sides) and a combination of the two.
1. Gypsophila lighting method: that is, the lighting is arranged above the site, and the beam is perpendicular to the site plane. The top arrangement adopts lamps with symmetrical light distribution, which are suitable for training halls, commercial arenas, and indoor gymnasiums for national fitness.
2. Madao lighting method: that is, the lamps are arranged on both sides of the venue, and the beam is not perpendicular to the venue plane. The arrangement on both sides should choose asymmetric light distribution lamps to be arranged on the horse track. When arranged on both sides, the aiming angle of the lamp (the angle between the aiming direction of the lamp and the vertical line) should not be greater than 65°. In the same way as the way of laying lights on the road, the lights on both sides of the outdoor also have corresponding angle requirements.

3. Hybrid layout: that is, the combination of the top layout and the two sides layout. Mixed layout should choose lamps with various light distribution forms, which have the characteristics of top layout and two sides layout, so as to achieve the best uniformity and improve horizontal illumination and vertical illumination at the same time.

As a leading company in the lighting industry, Hishine group LED sports lighting continues to create value for customers with high-quality products and services. At the same time, always adhere to the strategy of brand development, focus on technological innovation and quality first, and the brand influence has been continuously improved.

The basketball court lighting introduced below has a variety of installation methods, which are flexible and convenient. In addition to being used in basketball courts, it can also be used in large venues such as tennis courts and gymnasiums. Its unique product features have always been highly concerned by industry professionals.

The main features of this luminaire are as follows:
1.160LM/W high level of lighting efficient
2.LED illumination ranging from 320W to 2600w
3.Theunit features wth heagon design that minimizes wind load
4.Each model operate seperately, easy to maintenance
5.Rugged die-cast aluminum adjustablebracket that canbe horizontal or vertical mounted
6. Good dirt resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, the shell is a radiator, and the integrated conduction performance is better for heat dissipation;
7. The driving power supply adopts world-renowned brands, stable current and voltage regulation, and built-in multiple protections, which make the lamps more stable and have a longer life.

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